Irish Celtic Warrior Tattoos

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Irish and Celtic warriors wore tattoos as a symbol of their bravery, strength and allegiance to a warlord or a clan. Warrior tattoos were powerful designs that invoked both respect and fear for the bearer. The body art displayed by Irish and Celtic warrior tattoos were mandatory for men to show pride in their heritage and lineage. Neolithic petroglyphs were common symbols for warrior tattoos. Stringent tattoos comprising Irish or Celtic knot motifs were inked on the faces of Celtic warriors, most notably the cheeks and forehead. The tattoos identified a warrior and evoked courage in him.

Crosses and spirals were also part of the repertoire of tattoos that interspersed Irish and Celtic warrior faces, framed by their headgear of horns and metal. The tattoos were further embellished along the body especially when men were in their prime. Certain tattoos had symbols like skulls or special insignias that identified warriors to particular clans. Other Irish and Celtic symbols indicated rank and status within the clan and among the warriors.

These Irish and Celtic warrior tattoos made clansmen look fearsome. Riding their charging horses with blood curdling war cries, Celtic warriors bore down on their enemies with a ferocity that beggars belief. Their tattoos gave these warriors a sense of belonging to Celtic battle traditions and fierce Celtic pride.

Significance of Warrior Tattoos

The attribute of being a warrior was highly coveted within the Irish and Celtic clans. Irish and Celtic warrior tattoos were proudly exhibited as they were often created with great artistry. These tattoos were often imprinted on certain physical energy points on a warrior’s body that were called meridians. They were believed to enhance a warrior’s strength and courage during battle. Hence Irish and Celtic warrior tattoos were carefully inked and the symbol of a sword was liberally used. Runes provided extensive designs that invoked specific characteristics such as action or heroism.

Irish and Celtic warrior tattoos have been adopted by tattoo artists to provide exceptional body art to tattoo enthusiasts. These unique designs have lived on through the ages to become part of popular culture. As symbols of courage, strength and pride, Irish and Celtic warrior tattoos are unique designs conveying energy and power to the bearer.

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