Irish Claddagh Rings

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The Claddagh is by far the most popular symbol in the collection of Irish rings. It has a history of over three hundred years. Back in the days it originated as a token of appreciation and affection that was exchanged amongst friends and couples looking to get married.

The ring is named so due to the place of its origin which is the Irish fishing village known as Claddagh. The village is located outside the old walls of Galway. It is here where the customs and traditions surrounding the Irish Claddagh ring flourished. The first ever Claddagh ring was developed during the reign of Queen Mary II back in the 17th century. The elements of design used in Claddagh ring date even further back.

Irish Claddagh ring symbolism

The Claddagh is a very unlikely symbol to appear on a ring. This is what makes these rings distinctive and out of the norm. The symbol features two hands stretched out holding a heart wearing a crown. The awkward combination is taken to be a symbolic representation of love which comes from the heart, friendship denoted by the hands with the crown being suggestive of loyalty. In fact the Irish had an expression that they used to say while gifting anyone with an Irish Claddagh ring. The expression was “With my hands I give you my heart, and crown it with my love.”

Not only does the Claddagh itself have symbolic meanings but the way you wear it also suggests something. In this case the wearer sports the Claddagh ring on his right hand with the heart facing outward meaning that the wearer is single. This is basically a sign of signaling your availability. When worn on the left hand in the opposite manner, with the heart pointing inwards it means that the person is engaged in a serious relationship.

Origins of the Irish Claddagh ring

The Irish Claddagh ring is actually part of a revered collection of rings known as the “Fede Rings”. This translates as hands in faith. The suggestive symbolism of the Claddagh has Roman orientation as it was in their culture that the image of clasping hands was considered to symbolize marriage. The collection of Fede rings consist of designs that have a bezel cut and feature two clasping hands. Claddagh rings were extremely popular back in the Middle Ages in Europe. Classic rings from those days are still held up in the National Museum of Ireland.

The Irish Claddagh ring today

The Irish Claddagh ring was traditionally only worn by people originating from Ireland. It was a prominent part of their culture and it was always the given choice to use in engagements and weddings. Today however, the popularity of Irish Claddagh rings has far outstripped the borders of Ireland. They have been sported by famous personalities and featured in movies and television series. Furthermore people from all corners of the world are now developing an infatuation with the Irish Claddagh ring.

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