Irish Clover Tattoos

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The four-leaf clover is a universal symbol of luck. For the Irish, clover tattoos are no exception. A diminutive form of the four-leaf clover is the shamrock. This clover has only three leaves and is a national symbol of Ireland. It is inseparable from St Patrick, the patron saint of the Irish. Hence Irish clover tattoos have a large following among tattoo artists.

Tattoo enthusiasts who believe that inscribing the clover on your arm guarantees you good luck are fond of Irish clover tattoos. By inking several clover tattoos in strategic spots on your anatomy, you’re considered carrying good luck charms with you wherever you go. The clover design is Celtic in origin and can be specifically used to denote your Irish descent. The rarity of a four-leaf clover adds to the mystique of Irish clover tattoos. With some imagination and creativity, you could have highly original clover tattoos as part of your body art.

Designing Clover Tattoos

To begin designing impressive clover tattoos, become a member of online tattoo galleries where you can browse hundreds of motifs for your creative clover. Choose designs that appeal to you, then download and print them for better analysis. You could imitate unusual lines and curves to devise psychedelic Irish clover tattoos that are highly personal. Let your imagination flow and add uniquely Irish tattoo symbols such as a Celtic cross or a leprechaun for unparalleled originality on your personal depiction of Irish clover tattoos. By uploading your creation online, you’ll join the league of imaginative tattoo designers.

Symbolism of the Four Leaf Clover

The four leaves of the less common clover are said to denote health, wealth, fame and love. The rarity of this clover makes four-leaf Irish clover tattoos particularly desirable as a permanent good luck charm. If you have such a lucky sign on your skin, you’re bound for financial gain, success, achievement and good health!

Irish clover tattoos are significantly fortunate symbols to inscribe as part of your body canvass. Known the world over as symbol of luck and good fortune, you’ll be blessed with abundance in your life with a four-leaf clover tattoo. Be sure to tattoo it in green for the luck to stick!

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