Irish Crest Tattoo

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Stylish Irish Crest Tattoo

The Irish aristocracy had family crests that adorned their homes, shields and stationery. The family crest often included a Gaelic motto that signified what the crest stood for or what the family lineage was. Irish crests would usually depict stylized animals that were admired by ancient Celtic people for their feats of strength and agility which defied human capability. An Irish crest tattoo was normally a defining symbol of an Irish aristocrat or clansman.

Wildlife played a significant part in the lives of ancient Irish people who admired the swiftness of the horses and the keen eyesight of the hawk. Irish crests would depict these horses charging or a hawk in flight. Inking an Irish crest tattoo meant having a design that paid tribute to the superior qualities of these animals. Crest tattoos were much sought after for the symbolism and the significance.

Among the ancient Irish, imprinting a large Irish crest tattoo on the body was a natural act of warriors from various tribes as a symbol of tribal pride and allegiance to a particular warlord. A crest tattoo was an insignia of sorts as the tattoo reflected the lineage of the warrior and often displayed his status. It was a mark of honor and held in high esteem.

The Irish crest tattoo incorporated several uniquely Irish symbols such as the Celtic Knot and Celtic Cross. Spirals and circles were prominent signs used to embellish the crest and make it look elaborate. Special meaning was attached to crests that depicted the Ogham script, the alphabet used in old Gaelic. Family mottos were carved into large blocks of wood that displayed the hereditary crest.

Significance Of The Crest

Each noble Irish family would develop a crest that best reflected their traditions and heritage. The crest was crafted into ironwork such as gates and usually hung above the mantelpiece at the fireplace. Crests were placed on shields and woven into tapestries hung on the walls. Clothing and capes had family crests as did the doors of wagons. Small crests were marked on parchment for correspondences and made in seals which were used to stamp the motto in wax.

An Irish crest tattoo is very appealing because of its long heritage. Crests were family symbols of tradition and lineage. Irish warriors had crest tattoos to identify their tribe and status.

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