Native American Art Museums

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Native American art is a true reflection of the actual American culture prior to the advent of the colonials. With a history of hundreds of years much effort has been put into preserving Native American art. Today there are a number of prominent Native American art museums exhibiting the rich artistic legacy of the Natives across America.

Some of the best Native American Art Museums are as follows:

National Museum of American Indians

This museum has one of the best collections of Native American Art in the country. It is situated on Independence Avenue in Washington DC. Visitors to the museum can explore the entire gallery free of cost round the week. The museum is situated in National Mall to be precise. The second branch for the same museum is situation in New York City, New York. Like the original museum, this too is totally free for visitors. The two museums have some of the most exquisite Native Indian art works including some typical Native American sand paintings, pottery, basketry and beadwork. The museums also house the art work of contemporary Native American artists.

Heard Museum

Situated in Phoenix, Heard Museum is considered to be the first cultural attraction of the region. Over the years the museum has developed a world wide reputation due to its impressive collection of Native American art. It is a great place to learn the history of Native Americans through their impressive art legacy.

The foundations for Heard Museum were laid down back in 1929. With the tensions only beginning to ease out on a country wide level the museum founders Dwight B and Maie Bartlett Heard were able to gather some of the finest Native American art work. They have been engaged in expanding their Native American art work collection since then and today have comprehensive collections and intriguing exhibitions to showcase. Distinctive festivals are also held at the museum center and the museum also offers an excellent interactive learning opportunity to its visitors.

NAMA-Native American Museum of Art

Situated in the midst of the Tuscarora Indian Reservation, this is one museum that captures the essence of Native American art. Over the years NAMA has developed a reputation of being a world class museum for Native American art and culture.

The museum lays particular focus on Tuscarora and Iroquois Nations. Not only do they exhibit a fine collection of traditional Native American art but are also active supporters and promoters of contemporary Native American art.

NAMA has provided a wonderful platform to promote awareness about Native American art. It continues to strive to strengthen, preserve and revitalize Native American art and culture. NAMA is also credited with giving rise to the tourism education concept as it offers an excellent learning experience in its 3500 square foot vicinity. Visitors will also have the chance to pick up exquisite Native American art and craft souvenirs from the specially developed store.

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