Irish Dance Accessories

Looking for Irish dance accessories? Want to know about all the different varieties of dance accessories available? Read our guide for more information on choosing the right accessories for you…

Accessories for dancers of Irish dance are beautiful accompaniments to their spectacular costumes. One of the important Irish dance accessories is the tiara. This can be in the form of colorful rhinestone crystals that fit snugly in a half moon or crescent shape on top of your wig. The reflecting crystals catch the stage lights and display different colors at each angle, giving you plenty of sparkle.

Another tiara fashion is a headband encrusted with rhinestones. Irish dance accessories like headbands must be a good fit for your head to prevent the tiara from falling off in the middle of an energetic dance movement. Silver or colored bands are suitable for young girls and ladies may prefer more elaborate, faux diamond encrusted tiaras with greater height and breadth.

Irish dance accessories include earrings that are designed to match both the tiara and the costume. Drop earrings are not suitable dance accessories as these may become unhinged during the dance routine. Dancers normally wear round earrings with a crystal in the center. Other popular designs are flower shapes or clusters of rhinestones. The accessories may be clipped or pierced. Clipped earrings that may cause the ear lobe to inflame are worn for several hours.

Socks are critical Irish dance accessories that every serious dancer must own. The socks should be made of tight fitting, soft cotton with inter-linked seams to ensure comfort for the dancer. The leg section should be elasticated to form a close fit over the calf.

Caring for Dance Accessories

Your Irish dance accessories must be suitably cared for if you want your accessories to last a long time. Keep your faux jewel accessories in pouches with velvet lining. Soft lining prevents scratches on your tiara and earrings. Clean your accessories with warm water and a mild detergent solution or soap. Use a soft linen cloth to gently dab over your dance accessories to keep them looking new.

Your Irish dance accessories are important items to complete your dance costume. Sparkling tiaras and exquisite shimmering earrings are excellent to accentuate your unique style. Maintain the shine of your accessories by careful cleaning. Store them in a velvet bag for long lasting shine!

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