Irish Dance Wigs

Looking for Irish dance wigs? Want to know about all the different varieties of dance wigs available? Read our guide for more information on choosing the right wig for you…

Variety Of Irish Dance Wigs

For competitions of Irish dance, women and girls will either curl their hair or wear wigs. Beginners or novice dancers from dance schools will have their hair done in the same fashion by the school for competitions to display uniformity. However, as dancers progress to advanced grades and begin to compete as solo dancers, they can wear extravagant Irish dance wigs for championships.

When dancers enter the competitive arena, they are normally solo dancers dressed in exquisite, sequined costumes in attractive designs. In keeping with the ensemble, Irish dance wigs are worn together with a crown. Lower level dancers may either have their hair curled or they may wear a wig. Normally, in championships, dance competitors prefer to wear wigs for convenience. These wigs will be either of the same color as their own hair or a shade darker.

Irish dance wigs are often synthetic ringlets that gracefully frame the faces of the dancers giving them an ethereal look. The shade will generally match their own natural hair color. The wigs are fairly costly, being priced between $20 and $150 each depending on the complexity and quality of the wig.

Buying Irish Dance Wigs

You can purchase Irish dance wigs online where you’ll find an incredible array of colors and lengths of wigs. From strawberry blonde to sunset brown, dance wigs are exceptionally curly and the ringlets are delightful to behold. The symmetry of the wigs ensure that it is a perfect fit for your head and is ideal for the shape of your face.

A protective coating on Irish dance wigs helps maintain the shine of the ringlets and keeps the curls from fraying. This coating also prevents frizz on the wig. Two large combs on the inside of the wig are designed to secure the wig snugly on your own hair. You can attach the wig with additional clips but these are not strictly necessary. The curls on the wigs look natural and have an easy bounce.

Irish dance wigs are attractive ringlets available in various colors and lengths to suit an individual dancer. You may purchase a dance wig online to match with your dance costume. The wigs are professionally made and will give you a splendid look!

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