Irish Engagement Rings

Interested in buying an Irish engagement ring? Find out what makes Irish inspired engagement rings special…

If you are looking for impressive and out of the box engagement rings then the collection of Irish engagement rings is sure to please you. The collection features a range of highly elegant, exquisitely crafted and deeply symbolic rings perfect for the coming together of two individuals.

Some of the most impressive Irish engagement rings are as follows:

14 Karat Diamond Celtic Love Knot Ring

The Celtic knot is renowned for its ornate beauty and deep symbolism throughout the course of history. This particular ring features a stunning diamond set amongst the love knot. The stone takes a center spot with the Celtic knot artistically working its way around it. Symbolizing faithfulness, loyalty and love this Irish ring is perfect for the occasion of an engagement. The background of glittering diamonds produces an awe inspiring effect making it a classic example of true Irish design. The magnificent piece of jewelry costs $2000.

14kt Princess Cut Diamond Trinity Knot Ring

This Irish ring is another classic example of Celtic design. Featuring a princess cut diamond decorated by delicate knot work that is a prominent part of Irish history. The trinity love knot is placed in such a manner that it highlights the glittering diamond placed in the center. As a result the ring has a multi dimensional rich quality that makes it stand out. The symbolic representation of the knot as love and faithfulness and the deeper meaning lends it romance to make it a perfect choice for the occasion of an engagement. This elegant piece of jewelry costs around $2000.

14 Karat Diamond Set Claddagh Ring

This is another magnificent piece of hand crafted Irish jewelry. The exquisite artistry manifests itself in the form of the class Claddagh symbol. The ring features a heart wearing a crown held up by two hands. The symbol is an excellent way of expressing one’s love and loyalty. A truly brilliant diamond sits spot in the center further enhancing the expression of love. The same ring is available in platinum as well which gives it a totally different appeal.

14 Karat Diamond & Emerald Set Celtic Ring

Anyone with classy aesthetic sense would definitely admire this priceless Irish engagement ring. Based on the trilogy of past, present and future this classic piece glitters with diamonds and emeralds. This is a truly beautiful ring with deep symbolic meaning. The same style can be purchased in a different variety with the absence of the diamonds and emeralds. The fully loaded ring will cost you about $1660.

14kt Diamond & Tanzanite Celtic Ring

This Irish engagement ring is sure to tantalize the observer. Featuring the trinity knot along with two of the most precious stones known to man, this is a ring that is truly worth treasuring. Constructed in solid 14 karat gold the ring is beautifully accented with intricate design. You can order the ring in its white version as well. This brilliant piece of jewelry is available for $1660.

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