French Fry Maker

Want to buy a French fry maker? Read our guide for facts and info on the kind of French fry makers that you will be able to find in the market…

If you are still manually dicing your potatoes to cut French fry strips so that you can enjoy delicious homemade French fries then you need to jazz up your kitchen accessories with the French fry maker. This is a unique machine that provides you with a convenient alternative to manually slicing potatoes for making French fries.

The market is loaded with many different varieties of the French fry maker. They vary in terms of their mechanism and capacity. Some of the most popular varieties of the French fry maker are given below.

Industrial French Fry Cutter

Known as the industrial French fry Cutter this machine will give you the chance to enjoy restaurant quality French fries at your very home. The machine is a very user-friendly manual potato cutter that delivers optimum sliced and diced potatoes for French fries. It is very simple to operate and is made using stainless steel.

A sturdy body coupled with the pusher block and a cast-iron handle makeup this beneficial machine. You can mount this machine permanently into the wall and alternatively it has rubber feet to support itself on. You will be able to cut slices of French fries up to 6 inches long using this French fry maker. However you have the option to make the sizes smaller by adjusting the knob on the equipment. You can use this machine to produce up to 50 lbs of French fries. The industrial French fry Cutter is available with an optional cutting plate and rubber feet ideal for placing it on the counter tops.

Wall Mounted French Fry Maker

This is a kitchen small ware machine which actually operates as a heavy-duty and high quality French fries maker. This wall mounted French fry maker has been tested by the best of chefs and crafted to meet the highest standards of quality. This particular machine has been made to last with its heavy duty cast iron construction further fortified by stainless steel. This unique combination makes it easy to use and easy to clean.

High-quality steel alloy cutter blades have been incorporated into the design. You can expect these blades to stay sharp even after slicing over 1 million potatoes. You can easily produce a bucket full of French fries in a matter of minutes using this machine. A unique feature of this particular French fry maker is a V trough that guides potatoes of all sizes and shapes perfectly through the cleanup and cutting process. You can adjust the size of the French fries that this wall mounted French fry maker can produce. You can get your hands on this heavy duty practical French fry maker for a little under $100 on sale.

There are many other varieties of the French fry maker in the market. You will be able to find machines that perform dual functions. For example there is a certain kind of French fry maker that can also be used to clean, slice, chop and dice vegetables to produce salads.

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