Irish Fairy Rings

Interested in buying Irish rings? Find out what the collection of traditional Irish rings has to offer…

Irish rings have attained world wide fame as being one of the most unorthodox and artistic collection of rings available out there. The collection of rings consists of designs inspired by ancient Celtic traditions. What makes them special is the innate symbolism that they carry.

Irish Claddagh rings

This is perhaps the most popular Irish ring which is known around the world. The design is named after the small fisherman village known as Claddagh where the ring originated. It was here that the tradition of exchanging Claddagh rings flourished. The Claddagh ring features a unique symbol which consists of a heart wearing a crown held between two hands. The heart symbolizes love, the hands friendship and the crown loyalty. This innate symbolism made it a popular choice to give on engagements, weddings and as tokens of commitment to friends.

Irish trinity engagement rings

This is another unique genre of rings originating from Ireland. The trinity knot is one of the most popular themes for Irish rings. It represents the coming together of two individuals in the form of intertwining knots that are also inspired by Christianity. For some the trinity knot also represents the past, present and future. Trinity engagement rings often feature diamonds and other precious stones held in place with prongs giving it a characteristic look.

Irish spinner rings

This collection of rings is unlike anything you have ever seen. Spinner rings actually have a smaller middle band that can be manually rotated placed on top of a base band. The manual rotation of the band is supposed to be a source of stress relief for the wearer. It may sound as though Irish spinner rings are bulky and somewhat ugly but you will actually be amazed to see just how petite, delicate and beautiful these rings can be. With the Irish spinner rings you have something that works as a fine piece of jewelry while being a means of nerve relaxation for the wearer as well.

Coat of arms Irish rings

If you are looking for a very personal piece of jewelry then the coat of arms Irish ring is the ideal choice for you. This is a unique concept that allows you to display your heritage on a piece of jewelry. These rings are custom made and feature the family name of the wearer. Coat of arms Irish rings are available in traditional designs such as the shield, signet, seal and bezel. These are the kind of rings that are handed down generations.

Men’s Irish rings

With their gothic look and detailed designing Irish rings for men have a great appeal. Men will find Irish rings to be classy and yet full of elegance. Specially crafted Irish rings for men are available for different occasions including wedding and engagement bands. Platinum and silver happens to be the medium of choice for men and the collection of Irish rings has some fine variety in these two mediums.

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