Nassau Bahamas Underwater Scooters

The islands of Bahamas are the ideal destination of tourists interested in aquatic adventures like scuba diving, snorkeling, and underwater scooters. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Underwater scooters, also called SUBs, offer more freedom to explore the fascinating life under the sea without exertion. The pristine waters in Bahamas are a great place to learn about marine life.  Tourists will experience the joy of swimming with a large variety of sea creatures and also see the natural wonders under the sea like coral reef and blue hole.  Underwater scooters provide a convenient way of exploring them.

Scooters under water

SUBs or underwater scooters are unique personal vehicles, shaped like a sea horse, and propelled by a battery-powered engine.  Rider will have complete control over the engine and can turn it sideways.  Ascent and descent are controlled by safety divers.  There is a large two foot clear dome to cover the head filled with air from scuba tank for natural breathing and also for buoyancy.  The weight of scuba tank in the front and the heavy battery at the bottom provide enough stability.  Thus the vehicle is very safe and it is also tethered to a buoy so that it remains connected above water.  It takes the riders up to a depth of 15 feet and allows them to explore at a leisurely speed.  Diving experience or prior training is not required to operate under water scooters.

Underwater tours

There are certain prerequisites for these tours.  Tourists must sign a declaration of good health and must be above the age of 18 to ride alone.  They must observe all the precautions for these tours like breathing naturally all the time, equalizing the pressure in the ears, remaining with the group, communicating with hand signals as speaking is not possible underwater, and should not come out of the vehicle at any time.  They must be careful not to crash into corals.

Nassau Bahamas Underwater tours

Many operators in Nassau Bahamas offer tours with underwater scooters.  They provide safety diver for each group of tourists who help the tourists to get into the vehicle, familiarize with the environment, and enjoy the sights.  Unlike scuba diving, the rider of under water scooter need not exert while exploring the beauty of corals and marine life.  The scooters are fun to operate.  The leisurely speed of vehicle gives them enough time to admire the sights.  The group leader checks with individual riders every time for their comfort and convenience and ensures they enjoy the scenes around them.  Many sites in Nassau around southwestern area of New Providence Island have shallow coral reef, shipwrecks, blue hole, and other attractions.  They offer sights of outlandish beauty straight from the films or fairy tales.

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