Irish Gang Tattoos

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Young Northern Irish men formed gangs as a form of rebellion initially to fend off the influence of the British on their lives and later as a sense of identity. Initiation rites were replete with Irish gang tattoos specific to particular gangs being inked into the arms of novice gang members. The ancient Celtic artistic endeavors like the Celtic knot and the Celtic cross were incorporated into gang tattoos for the Irish sentiment.

Irish gang tattoos are particular for each gang and was prominently displayed to identify gang members. They served as a factor of intimidation to members of lesser gangs and marked gang boundaries. Like their ancient Irish counterparts, Irish gangs are fiercely territorial and do not brook opposition from other gangs. Wars among gangs are common where members have transgressed or trespassed.

Tattoo artists would not generally tattoo enthusiasts with Irish gang tattoos for fear of reprisals. You will be able to note the more familiar gang tattoos online and are best advised not to incorporate them in your body portrait to avoid cases of mistaken identity and other repercussions. Gangs operate in designated areas and do not brook encroachment by other gangs.

Most Irish gang tattoos are a necessary part of being in the group and roundly admired by members. Hierarchies within a gang are designated by the types of tattoos that a member wears. Certain tattoos are earned after proving oneself as a reputable gang member and worn more like a badge or medal of honor. Gang members earn respect both for their exploits and their tattoos.

Tattoo As Body Art

The skin is a remarkable canvass for tattoos and enthusiasts turn body art into a serious occupation. Tattoo artists have established flourishing businesses that concentrate on adorning your body with myriad designs taken from Celtic art. Irish tattoo staples like the shamrock and the knot are drawn with great intricacy and creativity to showcase indelible symbols that are highly original.

Irish gang tattoos are coveted symbols of honor among Irish gang members. Tattoos indicate allegiance and mark territories. Certain tattoos also determine rank and hierarchy within gangs. You can decorate your skin with all kinds of beautiful tattoos courtesy of ancient Irish heritage.

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