American Eagle Artillery Luger

Interested in the American eagle artillery luger? Find out about the history and development of the American Eagle luger…

Although the American Eagle luger was not well received in the United States during its early days it has now become one of the most revered guns in the world. For America it is a symbol of patriotism more than anything else. The American Eagle luger is known for its performance and superior style as well.

DWM 1900 .30 Luger caliber 1900 American Eagle

This particular version of the American Eagle luger is renowned for its excellent bore and unique blue color. The gun has an excellent grip that is easy to use and provides utmost stability. This is one of the finest American Eagle pieces in the United States. The serial number for this particular product is 92xx. You may be able to pick this luger up at an auction for around four and a half thousand dollars.

DWM 1906 American Eagle 9mm Para caliber pistol

This impressive 9mm Para caliber pistol features a 92% blue excellent bore. This is one of the most rare American Eagle lugers that you will be able to find out there. At the same time it is highly sought after by collectors and fans of the American Eagle luger. Due to its uniqueness and limited quantity this one might cost you up to twenty five thousand dollars.

American Eagle Luger History

The US military received its first batch of American Eagle lugers for trial purposes in the year 1900. These were .30 luger pistols. The military was satisfied with the performance and ordered a total of one thousand lugers as replacement. The testing of this gun continued up till 1908. The military had one complaint with the weapon and that was regarding the small caliber of its cartridge. It was during this time that a number of other pistols modeled around the .30 American Eagle luger were being produced for the commercial market.

The complaints caused luger to remodel it self in order to provide an enhanced striking power. The 1902 version of the American Eagle luger was known as the 9x19mm which later on became famous as the 9mm Para pistol. The pistol got its name from the latin phrase Si vis pacem para bellum. This actually translated as if you want peace, prepare for war. Over the years the American Eagle 9mm Para became the most popular pistol in the whole world.

Having said that, the American Eagle 9mm luger did not do well in the United States during its early days. The main complaint launched against this version of the luger was the continual jamming that had occurred during testing. The fact that the user had to apply both hands to clear jams was a big blow to the credibility of the weapon. With time however new lugers were developed such as the .45 of 1907 which accounted for the problems that were to be found in the previous American Eagle lugers. More than being the military’s favorite the American Eagle luger was extremely popular amongst the civilian population.



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