Irish Harp Tattoo

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Stylish Irish Harp Tattoo

One of the national emblems of the Irish nation is the harp. It holds as prominent a place in the history of Ireland as does the shamrock. For centuries, the harp was called a lyre and was the favorite musical instrument of ancient Irish people. Today, an Irish harp tattoo has preference over other symbols of musical origin both for the beauty of the lines and the Irish heritage it personifies.

You can combine an Irish harp tattoo with a Celtic Knot or spirals to make the sign more elaborate. Some tattoo artists would ink the harp tattoo with a Celtic Cross to imprint two very specific symbols of Ireland on the skin of patriotic Irishmen. A harp tattoo was normally worn on the upper arm or the shoulder where it could be exposed with short sleeved or sleeveless shirts.

An Irish harp tattoo is the preferred tattoo of younger tattoo enthusiasts who find the design particularly attractive. The harp tattoo could be encircled with shamrocks or even a few claddagh symbols to add to its uniqueness. A harp tattoo on the ankle or the base of the spine was normally preferred by the female gender.

Popularity of the Irish Harp

The popularity of the Irish harp tattoo stems from the historical significance of the harp. For centuries, harp or lyre players were entreated to entertain at celebrations and festivities. It was a common sight to see harpists traversing the Irish countryside in search of wealthy patrons of the aristocracy for whom these musicians would pluck the strings of the harp for a fee during banquets and other social occasions.

The Irish harp was minted on coins called the groat by King Henry VIII and a golden harp on a blue background was a royal staff during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. For several hundred years, a green flag centered by a gold Irish harp was the national flag of the Irish isles. An Irish harp tattoo was considered a patriotic symbol for an Irishman to wear.

Inking an Irish harp tattoo as part of your body art gives credence to centuries of prominence of the harp as a preferred musical instrument in Irish culture. A national emblem of Ireland, a golden harp on a green background was once the nation’s flag.

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