Snowboarding in Switzerland

Looking for a snowboarding holiday in Switzerland? Read our guide on when & where to go snowboarding in Switzerland.

Switzerland provides one of the best settings in the world for a snowboarding holiday. The world famous Alps are located in Switzerland and cover more than half of Switzerland’s land mass which means there is no shortage of choice when it comes to snowboarding in Switzerland. The scenery and weather in Switzerland are idyllic with fresh powdery snow perfect for snowboarding and endless backdrops of snow-laden evergreen trees surrounding the runs. There are literally dozens of resorts across the Swiss Alps for the prospective snowboarder to choose from. Resorts for snowboarding are located primarily in the South of Switzerland, and are on average, between 2-3 hours away from Zurich by public transport. Those prepared to drive either in a private or rented car to the snowboarding resort in Switzerland’s Alps will find travelling time significantly shorter.

Snowboarding resorts in Switzerland

Switzerland has no snowboarding resorts as such; however, a large number of ski resorts in Switzerland accommodate snowboarding activities. Many Skiing resorts in Switzerland have installed half pipes for the benefit of snowboarding enthusiasts and it is even possible to rent snowboarding equipment from many of the ski shops located around the ski resorts in Switzerland. Switzerland also hosts annual snowboarding competitions attracting the biggest names in snowboarding to the country every year.

Snowboarding lessons in Switzerland

Many ski resorts in Switzerland also offer professional instruction in snowboarding. Snowboarding instruction varies according to level however all snowboarding instructors in Switzerland are well qualified and able to help beginner, intermediate and even advanced snowboarders develop their skills.  Snowboarding lessons in Switzerland are often tailored to student need and can focus on backcountry snowboarding, powder skills or even developing freestyle snowboarding technique.

Downhill & back country snowboarding in Switzerland

Those wishing to do some downhill snowboarding in Switzerland will have no problem finding suitable runs as snowboarders share the slopes with skiers at Swiss resorts.  Visitors wishing to do some backcountry snowboarding will also be spoiled for choice in Switzerland as off piste snowboarding is entirely possible. This type of snowboarding, however, is reserved for the best and most competent snowboarders.

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