Irish Moss Drink

Interested in the Irish moss drink? Find out how you can make this drink and the various health benefits that it has…

Irish moss is a unique seaweed belonging to the red algae family. It is found in the North Atlantic off the coasts of Ireland and Britanny. The seaweed is used to make a drink which is particularly popular around the Caribbean.

How to Make Irish Moss Drink

Irish moss is available in the market in its fresh and dried form. Either of the two can be used to make the Irish moss drink. Dried Irish moss can be used as it is whereas fresh Irish moss needs to be cleaned first. The Irish moss must be left submerged in the water for a couple of hours before putting it on the stove to heat. When the contents come to a boil you need to sieve the contents out into a jar. To this you will add the milk and nutmeg. Sugar and strawberry syrup can be added to give the Irish moss drink a nice flavor.

Irish Moss Drink Health Benefits

Being seaweed, Irish moss is potent with some essential minerals and vitamins. It is believed to have up to 18 essential elements found in the composition of the body. The consumption of Irish moss helps to boost the functions of the immune system and can hasten recovery from a wide range of illnesses.

Irish moss drink is believed to work wonders for the skin. Because the seaweed is rich in minerals and vitamins it becomes a source of nourishment for the skin. Regular consumption of Irish moss will turn dry patched up skin into healthy and glowing skin.

Another health benefit to be derived from Irish moss is its laxative properties. Irish moss helps to lubricate the intestines promoting a healthy digestive system. Furthermore it is known to be effective against bladder and kidney problems along with peptic and duodenal ulcers. Irish moss also prevents coagulation of blood in the veins.

Growing Irish Moss

Irish moss is an easy to grow plant that requires minimal care. The seeds of the plant should be sown in an area that receives plenty of sunshine and has well drained yet moist soil. The seeds should preferably be sown in the spring or autumn season. The potting of the seeds should be done at least 10 inches away from each other so that the plants have space to grow. The holes should be laced with fertilizer prior to putting in the plants. Once the plants have been potted you should mulch the area around it being careful not to damage the plant.

The soil must be watered regularly as Irish moss does best in relatively moist, not wet, soil conditions. Weekly watering should suffice along with occasional feeding. Irish moss is prone to attract aphids. A good way of countering this tendency is to place other plants that attract lady bugs close to them.

Irish moss is not only renowned for its medicinal uses. Rather it makes great filler for pathways made of stone in homes as well. At the same time you can always pinch out a bunch to make some Irish moss drink.

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