Irish Pot Roast Recipes

Interested in Irish pot roast recipes? Read on to find out how you can make this Irish delicacy at home.

Irish food may not appear to be very appealing in terms of its outward appearance. But a taste of Irish delicacies like the famous Irish pot roast will let you in on the unique flavor of traditional Irish food.

The pot roast is a regularly consumed dish in the Irish culture. The consumption of this traditional dish is particularly popular during important religious and cultural holidays. Read on to get an interesting recipe using which you can make this Irish delight in your very home.

Ingredients for the Irish pot roast

Typically the Irish roast is a beef based dish. Hence you will require up to five pounds of beef sirloin roast to make it at home. You will also need some all purpose flour, salt, pepper, vegetable oil, water, packaged instant beef bouillon, crushed dried thyme, potato halves and leeks.

Preparation of the Irish pot roast

You will start off by dusting the beef sirloin with the flour mixed with salt and pepper. Next place the roast in a saucepan with oil and cook until it browns. Add the beef bouillon cubes and thyme along with water into the pan. Leave it to cook for about two and a half hours while making sure it is tightly covered.

When you find the roast to have become tender add the potatoes to the mixture and cook it for another forty minutes. It must remain covered throughout the cooking process. Then add the leeks and cook until the vegetables become tender. This should take another twenty minutes.

Remove the roast and place it into a platter once it is done. Add the remaining mixture to the juices that are left behind in the pan and stir until they become thickened. You will have to keep stirring constantly for about three to five minutes to make sure it doesn’t stick to the pan. Pour the sauce over the roast and dig in to get a taste of the traditional Irish pot roast.

Irish pot roast variation

For a variation of the Irish pot roast you can make use of a variety of different vegetables to add another dimension to the tradition. Different regions of Ireland prepare the pot roast in a different manner hence you won’t be going out of the tradition by doing so.

The addition of celery along with diced onions, carrots and potatoes is a classic choice that makes the pot roast even more interesting. You will make it in much the same way as the above mentioned recipe. Just make sure the vegetables become tender enough to be enjoyed with the pot roast beef.

If you do not want to make use of fresh vegetables and want to save your self from taking the trouble to wash and slice them then you can make use of packaged pot roast vegetables. These are available in the market under different names. You may find them being sold as soup or stew vegetables but nonetheless they will do just fine for the Irish pot roast.

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