Irish Pride Tattoos

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Variety Of Irish Pride Tattoos

The ancient Irish were a proud people who developed a unique culture and heritage. Their language, Gaelic, is spoken only by people of Celtic origin who currently mainly inhabit the Irish isles, Scotland and the Isle of Man. The Celts excelled in metal and artwork. Their tattoos had very specific stylized symbols that have survived to this day and which can be identified as particularly Celtic. Irish pride tattoos originate from the extensive artwork of the ancient Celts.

Celtic warriors wore Irish pride tattoos inked on their faces and body as a mark of allegiance to their clan and a symbol of their status and rank within the brotherhood of warriors. Each clan had specific tattoos that could be traced to the tribe and pride tattoos were an emblem of the coveted warrior class. Young men strived to become brave and strong warriors from an early age and tattoos were marked all over their body to enhance their strength and courage.

Irish pride tattoos stamped the heritage and lineage of Celtic people and were commonly made up of knots, spirals and crosses. The Ogham script or ‘Celtic Tree Alphabet’ provided the ‘Duir’ symbol which signifies the letter ‘D’ and stands for the oak tree. The Druids believed that having a Duir tattoo would imbue the warrior with the strength and stability of the oak tree and summon powerful cosmic energy forces to his aid on the battlefield.

Significance of Ancient Irish Pride Tattoos

Irish pride tattoos would be inked with the juice of the Woad plant. Its leaves provided the indigo color that was necessary for permanently imprinting the signs and symbols under the skin of ancient Irish people. Pride tattoos were an important weapon for Irish clansmen and tribal warriors along with their swords and charging horses. Their deafening war cries as they charged their enemies, coupled with their fearsome tattoos, were often enough to send the enemy scurrying for cover and beat a hasty retreat.

Irish pride tattoos are a potent reminder of the culture of the ancient Celts. Irish pride is invoked with their special tattoos made of knots and crosses and spirals. Ancient Irish warriors wore their tattoos with great pride and these were believed to be a source of strength and courage.

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