Irish Seafood Stew

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Different Types of Irish Seafood Stew

Ireland is a country that’s surrounded by water. The seas around Ireland are rich in cod and salmon and particularly langoustines, a form of prawns commonly referred to as Dublin Bay prawns. The abundance of Irish seafood resulted in the cooking of Irish seafood stew, a thick and tasty broth that’s a nourishing and filling sustenance.

As Irish families were often large, this seafood stew was a popular dish that was made with fresh ingredients and could feed the whole family. It’s also served in most of the coastal pubs and restaurants. The seafood stew is made with a lot of root vegetables like potatoes, carrots and turnips which are widely available.

Oysters, prawns and mussels go into the stew as do cod and salmon. Seafood stock gives the base flavor. In fact, Irish seafood stew is a concoction that’s often best enjoyed with Irish soda bread.

How to Cook Seafood Stew

Seafood stew is a fairly easy dish to cook with some basic ingredients. It has low calories and is a healthy substitute to the more usual meat based Irish stews. The variety of seafood that goes into making Irish seafood stew gives high fiber content to the dish with the inclusion of shrimps and green peas.

You can cook delicious seafood stew by heating onions, carrots and potatoes in a large sauce pan over low heat. Then you mix in tomatoes and add seafood stock with carrots and Guinness stout. Next you blend herbs like thyme, rosemary and bay leaf.

Finally you put in the seafood like mussels, fish, oysters and prawns and simmer for a long while until the broth has thickened. Add some corn flour to speed up the thickening process. You may serve the dish with bread rolls that are ideal for mopping up the tasty sauce from the bowl!

Irish seafood stew is plentiful in Ireland and rich in variety of seafood, making it a healthy and nutritious low fat meal. Wholesome seafood stew can be a meal in itself and easily prepared with readily available ingredients. You can serve Irish seafood stew for dinner and feed the entire family with one dish.

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