Irish Setter Boots for Women

Interested in buying some Irish setter boots for women? Find out what makes Irish setter boots for the ladies so special in our information guide…

Irish setter boots for women are not your typical lady like stilettos. In fact not many ladies would want to sport such boots unless they have some practical use of them. These boots are particularly popular amongst women that live in areas that receive heavy rainfall, snow and other extreme climatic conditions. In other cases women that participate in hunting, fishing etc may also find the line of boots from Irish setter to be very helpful.

Special features of Irish setter ladies boots

Irrespective of the kind of weather you are experiencing these boots will keep the ladies mobile. Whether you are going to be walking through the woods or heading to work these boots will keep you properly geared up to face any challenges.

The line of work boots from the company has all the essential features that make them extremely comfortable for all day wear. These are not your typical heavy boots. On the contrary they give you all the performance of heavy boots but are extremely lightweight and comfortable for women to carry.

The boots are embedded with Irish Setter’s patent UltraDry waterproof technology. This is extremely effective with regards to locking the moisture out and retaining a dry and comfortable interior. Another superior feature of these boots is the use of ScentBan. This unique feature destroys all the bacteria inside eliminating all chances of developing an odor. This feature comes in specifically handy when hunting in the woods as your game will never be able to detect your presence.

Another special feature found in Irish setter boots for women is full grain waterproof leather uppers. This is combined with a layer of abrasion resistant polyurethane that makes the boot extra strong over all.

The durability of Irish setter boots is complimented by their superior comfort. The use of leather lining with leather covered EVA footbed is the secret to the high comfort of these boots. Furthermore this makes the sole breathable and even more durable.

Arches often get out of shape due to prolonged use. The company has incorporated the use of a nylon shank which functions to protect the arches. One of the most appreciated things about Irish setter boots is their versatility. They are known to give superior performance over varied terrain. It is the use of EVA midsole that helps to absorb the stress of whatever terrain you tread upon.

Irish setter boots let the women head out to work or on a hunting spree even when the weather gets really chilly. This is because Irish setter boots are embedded with the trademark Thinsulate Ultra Insulation. This original feature delivers moisture wicking warmth and an extremely breathable atmosphere that keeps you comfortable in cold weather.

Shadow Trek is a feature that will provide you with stability on surfaces spilled with oil and other things that could cause you to slip. Hence Irish setter boots keep you geared up to take on the most challenging of terrains in extreme weather conditions.

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