Golf Courses Loire Valley France

Going on vacation to the Loire Valley in France? Want to play some golf? Here we’ve put together information on all the main golf courses in the Loire Valley France.

France is one of the best countries in Europe in which to play golf. With more than 340 golf courses, France has a wide selection of courses all over the country which means you’ll never be far away from a golf course. Unlike many other countries, however, arranging a game at a golf course in France is relatively easy. More often than not you can just arrive at the golf course on the day, book a tee time and play.
Many people who’ve played golf in France report being pleasantly surprises, not only about the quality and size of the golf courses, but also by the fact that many courses are relatively quiet allowing you to take your time on the green.

Golf Courses in the Loire Valley

The oldest golf course in the Loire Valley is at Chateau Cheverny which was designed just before the turn of the 20th century.  The golf course is set amidst 350 acres of natural woodland, greens, lakes and fields making for a splendidly relaxing afternoon of golf.

Les Bordes Golf Course France

Probably the most popular golf course in the Loire Valley, and often rated as one of the best courses in France, is Les Bordes. This golf course is noted particularly for its stunning and secluded location as well as an excellent course design. Located in the Sologne, a wooded area interspersed with several small lakes in the middle of the Loire Valley, Les Bordes provides a very pleasant backdrop in which to play golf. Surprisingly, despite its reputation arranging to play at this golf course is not difficult and does not involve lengthy waiting lists. The cost of an afternoon of golf is also quite reasonable and on par with other golf courses in the region.

Andree Golf Course Loire Valley

Andree, although less popular than Les Bordes and Chateau Cheverny, is nonetheless a golf course in the Loire Valley worthy of a visit. Overlooked by an impressive French Chateau dating back to the 16th century, this golf course gives you the feel that you are playing golf with Louis XVI and the French aristocracy.


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