Irish Spinner Rings

Interested in Irish spinner rings? Discover the rings with a unique mechanism that is pleasing for the eye and soothing for the soul…

Irish rings are renowned world over for their unique sense of design and the innate symbolism that they carry. One of the most unique rings produced by the Irish is known as the spinner ring. This is a unique ring that features a freely rotating middle band on top of another base band.

Irish rings with a purpose

Irish spinner rings are exquisitely beautiful. But beauty is not the only thing these rings are there for. Rather it has been observed that wearing Irish spinner rings can help reduce stress and anxiety levels. The wearer manually rotates the movable portion of the ring which becomes a release for pent up negative energies in the body. In this way Irish spinner rings serve twofold purposes.

Irish spinner rings styles

The functionality of Irish spinner rings does not make them compromise on design. Such rings are made from the finest quality building materials and feature some of the most amazing designs. Amongst the standard designs of Irish spinner rings are the Celtic knots, braids, ropes, twisted braids, and tiling and brick themes. Certain designs also have some phrases of wisdom etched upon them which serve as inspiration for the wearer.

Silver happens to be the most popular building material for Irish spinner rings. No doubt silver has great aesthetic appeal but it is also resilient enough to bear the constant manual rotation that the wearer will be conducting. Irish silver rings can be so mesmerizing that onlookers will never be able to realize what their actual intended purpose is. It is however important to purchase high quality Irish spinner rings that can be rotated freely. Poor quality Irish spinner rings will have a rough rotation and may even stop rotating after some time.

Soothe your soul with Irish spinner rings

Irish spinner rings can be a source of portable meditation for the wearer. The smooth rotation of the ring helps to focus the mind and release negative energies. When you get the hang of it the spinner ring will actually become a habit without which you will feel uncomfortable. These rings are not bulky or heavy on the contrary you will feel as though you are wearing a normal ring.

These unique rings from Ireland are believed to be an effective tool for stress relief. It is a harmless activity in harmony which helps to keep the brain in tune. Many people get totally hooked on to these rings with the passage of time. In a nutshell Irish spinner rings are pleasing to the eye and soothing for the soul making them a truly worth while investment.

These rings are available in a wide variety of designs online. As mentioned above it is all the more important to discover an authentic source for spinner rings specifically. Because in such rings you do not only risk getting poor quality craftsmanship or stones, rather you even risk poor mechanism.

The variety of Irish spinner rings has some of the most beautiful rings to offer. You will surely be able to find the perfect ring to match your taste while it gives you a chance to soothe yourself with the spinning action.

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