Irish Tattoo Symbols And Designs

Looking for Irish tattoo symbols and designs? Want to know about all the different styles of tattoo designs available? Read our guide for more information on choosing the right symbol and design for you…

Variety of Irish Tattoo Symbols and Designs

Celtic art is the inspiration for the majority of Irish tattoo symbols and designs. Derived from the stylized diagrams created by the artistic Celts, many of these symbols and designs depict spirals, knots and crosses. The Celtic Cross is a design that is purely Celtic in origin and displays a cross with a circle in the center. The arms were originally equidistant and the symbol was called ‘ailm’ or ‘fir tree’ by the Druids. With the advent of Christianity, the vertical arm of the cross was lengthened to reflect the Crucifixion and was then appropriated as a Christian icon by the Church.

Irish tattoo symbols and designs make generous use of knots. The Celtic Knot is a design that connotes the everlasting cycle of life and eternity. A knot symbol in the form of an arrow symbolizes the Brotherhood of the Arrow and is a tattoo that was favored by warriors going into battle. This tattoo symbol underscored the power and the spirit of brotherhood that pervaded the battlefield as warriors from different clans fought alongside each other against a common enemy.

As a sign of luck, Irish tattoo symbols and designs often utilized the shamrock, an enduring symbol of the Irish homeland and a plant indigenous to Ireland. Enthusiasts tattoo the small, three-leaf clover in green on the shoulder, the nape of the neck or the wrist. You can intersperse crosses and knots in the symbol for a more elaborate design.

Special Irish Tattoo Symbols

The claddagh is among the most famous Irish tattoo symbols and designs. Consisting of two hands holding a heart which is topped by a regal crown, the claddagh is a design that symbolizes loyalty, love and friendship. First designed by an Irish fisherman who was enslaved by a goldsmith, the claddagh symbol is the perfect design to seal your friendship.

The Ogham script of the ancient Irish was known as the ‘Celtic Tree Alphabet’ and reflected the names of trees in its lettering. The script has parallel, vertical and horizontal lines that are effectively used as Irish tattoo symbols and designs.

When you’re contemplating having unique body art, Irish tattoo symbols and designs have a wide array of specialized marking that you can ink into your skin. Bank on Irish signs for that one-of-a-kind body portrait!

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