River Boat Rental in France

Are you looking to rent a river boat in France? Perhaps you’d like to rent a river boat on your next holiday to France? On this page we give you useful facts & information about renting a river boat in France.

River boats, often referred to as canal boats in France, are a popular part of traditional French culture and an excellent way to tour the beautiful countryside of France. Provided you’re 18 years or over you can rent a river boat in France and go for a cruise through the extensive network of canals and rivers in France.

River boats in France are quite comfortable to live on and if you’re renting a boat it will always come furnished with the necessities such as a toilet, shower, cooker, sleeping bunks and cutlery.

Rental Periods for River Boats in France

Rental periods for river boats can be for as long as you like; however, there is usually a minimum rental period which is a weekend. Renting a river boat for a weekend in France means you pick up the river boat on a Friday evening and return it by Monday morning.

Renting a river boat for a weekend can be a relaxing way to spend two days while seeing some local countryside. Bear in mind, however, that you aren’t renting a speed boat and you won’t be able to get very far in a river boat in a weekend.

Renting a river boat in France for a full week gives you more options in terms of sightseeing and the distance you can cover. People in France usually rent river boats from Saturday to Saturday, although most river boat rental companies in France will allow you to take a boat out on any day.

Renting a River Boat in France during the summer

If you intend on renting a river boat in France in the off peak season, which are the autumn, winter and spring months, you’ll usually be able to find a river boat for rental with only one or two days notice.

High season for river boat rentals in France are the months of July and August when most people take their annual holidays in France. During this period finding a river boat for rental can be very difficult indeed. If you would like to rent a river boat during the summer you are better off making reservations months in advance to avoid disappointment.

River Boat Rental prices in France

The price of river boat rental in France depends on the season and the size of the boat. Obviously rental in high season will be more expensive, and larger river boats which accommodate up to a dozen people are also more costly than smaller boats that only accommodate four people.

Either way, you should bear in mind that the rental prices for river boats do not include fuel. You should be especially mindful of this is you plan to do a lot of traveling with your river boat through France.

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