Irish Trinity Engagement Rings

Interested in buying Irish trinity engagement rings? Explore the exquisite variety of traditional trinity themed Irish rings…

If you are looking for unique engagement rings then the traditional Irish trinity rings are sure to please you. The exquisite old school design adorned with sparkling precious stones of trinity rings has a timeless appeal.

Irish trinity engagement rings are a charming expression of the proud Celtic tradition. The collection of trinity rings features many diverse designs that are hard to miss. The one thing that makes Irish trinity engagement rings special is the fact that they are specially hand crafted by skilled artisans in Dublin.

The collection of Irish trinity rings showcases a well balanced blend of traditional style fused beautifully together with contemporary craftsmanship. This produces beautiful Celtic engagement rings that have the class of antiquity and the quality of modern day jewelry making. Celtic trinity engagement rings can be worn by both men and women. Today these rings are not restricted to being used by people of Irish origins; rather they are sought after by people of multiple varieties.

Some of the interesting varieties of Irish trinity engagement rings available in the market are as follows:

Trinity Princess Engagement Ring

This is one of the most popular varieties of the trinity engagement ring. It features the traditional trinity knot design which has been skillfully engraved in relief over the shoulder of the band. In its essence the knot represents never ending love which is what makes it a great choice to use as an engagement ring. Four sharp prongs set the princess cut diamond in the center.

Split Princess Engagement Ring

This is a rather unique variety of the trinity style engagement ring. The trinity knot is featured on the face of the ring with a precious diamond held in the center. The band twists to split in the center and the design is such that the diamond acts as the center piece holding the ring in place.

Trinity Emerald Engagement Ring

Go for something different with this emerald studded Irish trinity engagement ring. This particular ring has been handcrafted in Dublin and features two exquisite emeralds on opposite sites of the ring. The emeralds are supposed to represent the past, present and future. The band features intricate carvings of the trinity design giving the ring its traditional look.

Trinity 3 Stone Engagement Ring

With an exquisite arrangement featuring three large sized diamonds in a prong setting this Irish trinity engagement ring is bound to be a bit on the higher end. The unique design of the trinity knot is further complimented by the three large precious diamonds. People will not have to guess twice as to the inspiration behind this engagement ring.

Although the trinity knot is a single theme it has been explored in many dimensions by the jewelry makers. Hence you will be able to find Irish trinity engagement rings that although follow the same theme, have a distinctively different look from each other. The use of different metals such as gold, white gold, silver and platinum along with various precious stones are some of the elements that add diversity to the Irish trinity ring.

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