Kathy Ireland Furniture

Interested in Kathy Ireland furniture? Marvel at the impressive collection of exquisite furniture produced by Kathy Ireland…

Kathy Ireland has become a world renowned name in the world of interior décor. The company produces a host of interior décor and fashion accessory items that have established quite a reputation and has now become a household name.

Kathy Ireland home furnishing

Kathy Ireland has a host of home furnishing items that will help to create an awe inspiring environment in your home. Take the Hacienda Nine Piece Queen Bedding Set for example. This unique bed set is adorned with some exquisite lush fabrics in vibrant stripes and earthy tones. Another spectacular home furnishing product from the company is the four seat conversation leather sofa. Featuring a bold design and extremely refined looks this sofa can blend into any sophisticated interior.

Kathy Ireland desk Tribeca

The Tribeca collection is one of the most celebrated categories from the company. It features a host of intelligently designed office furniture that meets all modern needs. The Tribeca loft Black Hutch with Doors is practical and stylish office furniture that endows you with all possible functions in high style. The rich midnight smoke finish further enhances the class of the product.

Kathy Ireland bedding

Amongst the things that Kathy Ireland is renowned for is the huge collection of impressive bedding from the company. You will be able to find a host of excellent designs from the company. If you want an ultra modern yet sophisticated urban feel in your room then you can opt for something like the Manhattan series. On the other hand if you want a touch of exquisite Asian aesthetics then the Asian Enchantment Bedding set with its twig motif on a brown gold base is set to create a serene environment in your home.

Kathy Ireland bedroom furniture

The collection of bedroom furniture from Kathy Ireland gives you the chance to create the environment of your choice in your sleeping zone. From complete bed sets like the Standard Porto Fino poster bedroom set to specially crafted nightstands the company has everything you could practically need in your bedroom. Other popular bedroom furniture from the company are its dressers and mirrors which can be purchased separately.

Kathy Ireland dining room chairs

Kathy Ireland produces a host of impressive dining room chairs that are set to give your dining room a touch of high class sophistication. Designs like the Crestfeild arm chair will give you a classic cottage style feel in your dining room. On the other hand you have options like the London Town Side Chair which takes inspiration from Louis Philippe styling and is a fine monument of 18th century American design. If you want to add a little more grandeur in your dining room then the Nottingham Epic Chippendale arm dinging chair with its finally carved accents and scrolls is a design truly worth considering.

The complete range of products that Kathy Ireland has to offer is exhaustive. In terms of design, the product range from Kathy Ireland is sure to touch every aspect of your life.

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