Caborca Sonora Mexico

Going on vacation to Caborca Mexico? Want to know about shopping, hotels, churches & sightseeing in Caborca Sonora Mexico? Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

Dubbed as the “Pearls of the Desert”, Heroica Caborca or simply Caborca lies among the majestic hills of the proud Sonoran Desert of Mexico. The municipality of Caborca is composed of around 72,000 friendly people who are mostly local folks of Caborca, Sonora. Caborca offers a number of interesting tourist destinations for people who want to enjoy a peaceful time to unwind and rejuvenate away from the busy side of life. A lovely beach at Desemboque will surely take your cares away while you are in Caborca where you can enjoy a fine time with your friends and family without the hassle of spending too much.

Caborca Sonora Petroglyphs Mexico

If you want to take a hike and have a taste of challenging trails, you can go to one of the sources of Caborca’s pride—the petroglyphs. The petroglyphs of Caborca display the rich cultural heritage of this humble municipality. Rock etches and carvings will show you the exciting civilization of the Mogollon people of Caborca who lived from 600 BC to 1400 AD in the rocky Caborcan steeps where the petroglyphs can be found. Not only that, the Sonoran municipality of Caborca also offers rough and rugged activities that can really give you all the thrills and excitement you could want. Get wild and dirty as you witness and join one heart-pumping experience in the Caborca Desert Racing Challenge, one of the finest in Sonora, Mexico.

Caborca Shopping & Hotels

The richly agricultural town of Caborca has indeed lots of things to offer. You can go to one of the town plazas of Caborca and have a fine time with the hospitable and friendly people of the place. There are great shopping spots too in Caborca. Visit and feast your eyes on the exquisite metal crafts and native handicrafts of the locals of Caborca. Take a walk through the clean alleys of Magdalena—one of the many shopping spots of Caborca. Feel the generosity of more than ten hotels strategically located in Caborca together with restaurants that offer foreign and native delicacies of Caborca.

Caborca Mexico Churches

After a fun-filled day, have a taste of a piece of heaven in one of the major churches of Caborca like the La Candelaria which reflects the rich spiritual orientation of the people of Caborca where Christianity has found a conducive place for growth. Verily, Caborca is more than meets the eye as it has lots of intrinsic things to give you. You can’t find anything like Caborca, indeed. If you want to know more about this enchanting place, why not take a trip today and see for yourself what’s in store for you in Caborca, Sonora Mexico.

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