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Interested in buying an Armani Figurine? Looking for backgorund information on Armani figurines? Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

Finding just the right souvenir to take home to your friends and family when you are on vacation is always a challenge. And why stop at buying a keepsake for those left behind? You will need a reminder of your fabulous trip and what better way to do that than with an Armani Figurine from Italy?

Guiseppe Armani Figurine

Born in Italy in the year 1935, Giuseppe Armani drew everything his eyes could take in from the moment he could pick up a pencil. Armani was enrolled in Florence’s Academy of Fine Arts when his father died unexpectedly. His family needed him home, so his dream of attending art school was forgotten, but the art itself was not.

At an exhibition organized by Armani’s parish priest, he entered the young man’s sculpture of a male torso said to be inspired by the classics. The precision of the anatomy made the work admired greatly. Eventually it was taken to Pisa to the Art Gallery and Giuseppe’s talent was finally recognized when he was offered a job by them.

Armani Figurine of the year

An Armani sculpture or figurine is said to be distinctive because of the artist’s ability to instill soul and character into his work. Armani has experimented in such mediums as marble, alabaster, wood and clay. Each of his stunning creations brought about enthusiasm and rave reviews from enthusiasts around the globe. It wasn’t long before art aficionados were flocking to the Art Gallery to see what latest creation Armani had sculpted.

Armani and Florence Sculpture d’Arte have been in partnership since 1975, with Armani creating exclusively for them. His unique style is said to come from his own research and the years he spent in contemplation trying to understand the secrets behind some of the masterpieces of the Renaissance. An Armani figurine from Italy is truly a gift that will be appreciated by all.

The Scope of Armani Figurines

An Armani figurine from Italy can be found in various styles and price ranges. You may want to bring home an Armani lamp or a peaceful sculpture of a life celebration. You can choose from such Armani figurines as Armani Flower Ladies, the collection of Armani Figurine Professions, religious figurines, and animal and wildlife to name just a few of the Armani figurines from Italy you will be able to choose from when you decide that bringing home an Armani figurine from Italy is the ideal souvenir.

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