Croatia Sailing Schools

The Croatian coastline is littered with picturesque towns and islands making it a fantastic place to learn to sail. Taking a course in a Croatian sailing school will allow you to explore the beautiful country and there are many types of courses to choose from. Read our guide for more facts & information…

Basic Sailing School Courses

A basic sailing course should last anything from one day to a week and will provide you with all the basic knowledge needed to allow you to hire a boat and go exploring Croatia’s coastline. Lessons included will likely cover navigation, meteorology, safety at sea, basic etiquette of nautical traffic and general sailing skills. You will also learn how to shunt and operate the boat in a variety of circumstances, and where appropriate, balancing and straightening techniques.

Advanced Sailing School Courses

Once basic skills are acquired, a more advanced training course can be undertaken. This is usually based on the training of sailor skills, maneuvering with the sails and sailing in high winds. An advanced course in a Croatian sailing school will usually last around a week and consist of lessons covering both practical and theoretical aspects of sailing.

Navigation Courses in Croatia

A basic sailing course will need to be complete before undertaking the navigational course. The lessons take place totally on the boat which will usually travel around 35 NM per day. The sailing boat used for a navigation course will have heavy duty cruising sails, heating and all the navigation equipment it might need including radar.

Adventure Sailing School Courses

To take part in an adventure course, some sailing experience will be necessary. Going on an adventure sailing course is a great way to see and explore Croatia’s coastline and go sightseeing amongst the islands. While on the adventure sailing course, you will learn to make use of radar and other modern navigation equipment and also get the chance to relax and do some fishing in Croatia’s famous clear blue waters.

Regatta Sailing School Courses

For those who want to take sailing a step further and learn to race boats, there are the Regatta sailing courses. Strictly for advanced students, these courses teach all that is needed to be known about race preparation, rules and tactics. A Croatian sailing school that runs Regatta courses will be able to set up races for you once your training is complete.

Skipper Sailing Courses in Croatia

To take a skipper course you will need a lot of experience in sailing and be in possession of a boat leader license for over three years. The course will teach all that is needed to perform the task of skipper including health and safety of the crew and any guests, the mechanical working of the boat, communications and Croatian nautical rules and regulations.

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