Aviano Italy

Want to learn more about Aviano Italy? Read on for facts and info on this important air base situated in Aviano, Italy…

Aviano is the name of an air base situated in northeastern Italy. Situated in Fruili-Venezia Giulia region, it is an USAF Airbase. The Aviano municipality is situated close by to the facility and it is also located right at the foot of the famous Carnic Alps which makes it just 15 km away from Pordenone.

The 31st Fighet Wings division of the United States Air Force is responsible for hosting the Aviano airbase. In this respects it functions as a part of United States Air Force Europe Division. Aviano airbase is regarded as being very important for the European Command of the US Air force.

The 31 FW division of the US Air force has a number of groups which includes the maintenance group, as well as a mission support group and a medical group. The operations group is also part of the 31 FW which spearheads the Aviano Airbase.

The air base has two fighter squads known as the Operational fighter squadrons. They are the 510th Fighter Squadron Buzzards and the 555th Fighter Squadron Triple Nickel. Both these fighter squads are equipped with state of the art Block 40 F-16CG Fighting Falcons, which have now been tail coded as AV. Currently the Aviano airbase is on a mission to conduct expeditionary and regional operations under the command of Nato and Saceur.

History of Aviano Airbase

The Italian government, back in 1911 set up the air base. During the initial years it was used for training Italian pilots and also served as a construction facility for different aircraft parts. The first official use of the Aviano airbase came during World War I, when it was used as an airfield during missions launched against the Austro-Hungarian and German forces.

One of the historic events associated with this air base was the un-authorized air raid by two Italian aviators in which they successfully managed to cause the damage to Austrian Naval Yard at Pula, the region that is now known as Croatia. The Italians actually renamed the facility in honor of the two individuals that launched the heroic attack. However, the airfield suffered severe damage at the hands of the ousted German army during World War I.

After the first great World War was over, the facility was once again being used as a training base. As World War II approached, the facility was transformed into a very important air base for the Italian Air Force as well as the German Luftwaffe. However, the British were successful in capturing the base in 1945, thereby putting an end to Italian and German missions being initiated from the Avianno air base. They continued to make use of air base to launch missions up to 1947 following, which the Italian Air Force resumed full control of the air base and started using it as an airport.

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