Indian Bedroom Designs

Want to learn more about Indian bedroom designs? Read on for valuable insight into the various elements of design that can be used to create the perfect Indian bedroom design…

Indian inspired bedroom designs take inspiration from the rich artistic and cultural heritage of India. Not only are Indian bedroom designs a perfect reflection of India’s culture but definite signs of influence  from other Asian neighboring countries, Islamic conquerors, English colonists and traditional iconic Hindu motifs can be witnessed. The unique sense of styling creates a dynamic ambience amalgamating a fusion of different aesthetic influences.

Use of Color in Indian Bedroom Designs

The use of vibrant colors dictates Indian bedroom design. The walls in particular are given bright color coatings with the color palette including pink, curry, fuchsia, purple, orange, red and yellow. The bright colors on the walls should not be diluted by conventional white trims or false ceilings. If you are not fond of bright colors for your walls then the only alternative is to go for richly finished wood. In general you have the freedom to make use of any color that may appeal to you.

Use of Fabric

Silk and printed cotton are extremely popular with Indian bedroom design. Ethnic embroidered and embellished fabrics also help to capture the essence of India’s heritage. These kinds of fabrics are used to create tapestries, wall hangings, pillows, rugs and upholstery. The ideal combination is to go for printed cotton bed sheets complemented by bright colors for pillowcases. An innovative technique is to make use of the traditional Indian garment known as the Saree and use the fabric for different items in the bedroom.

Typical Indian bedroom Furniture

The Indians are very selective regarding the kind of material they use for their bedroom furniture. The use of exotic woods is encouraged and if you can’t afford exquisite woods then you can at least give your wood furniture an exotic finish. The most popularly used woods and wood finishes include mahogany, Rosewood, red cedar, ebony and teak.

One of the things that sets Indian bedroom furniture apart is the intricate carving details that are meticulously crafted and inlaid with stone or wood. Painting the furniture with colorful motifs is also a common feature of Indian bedroom furniture. Some of the common features of traditional Indian architecture are reflected in furniture design. Some all-time classic elements include pointed domes, scallops and rounded arches.

Use of art in Indian bedroom design

The bulk of Indian art is based on traditional themes that appeal to universal sensibilities. Traditional Indian art can be used to create the perfect ethnic ambience in your bedroom environment. Typical Indian artwork includes themes like the Taj Mahal and other historical buildings as well as mythological characters from India’s religious heritage. Incorporating statues in the bedroom interior is a common trend amongst those people looking to design their bedrooms according to Indian sensibilities.
Experimenting with the above mentioned elements will help you to give your bedroom interior the classical Indian touch.

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