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Want info on the visit of Pankaj to Italy? Read about the success of the Murma treatments in Italy by Indian Dr. Pankaj Naram, a Vaidya from India…

Dr Pankaj Naram is a well-known Vaidya from India and was very popular for his Murma treatment, which he performed in Italy. This was mainly a treatment popular for curing blood pressure. During his experimentation and demonstration, Dr. Pankaj in Italy managed to reduce the blood pressure of an 80-year-old Italian lady by 55 points. He utilizes India’s coveted and ancient secret medical knowledge and information to cure people.

 The Story of the First Cure

The lady in question is named Mrs Brincivalli and her chronic blood pressure is now registered at normal levels of 145/84.

An Italian physician named Giovanni Brincivalli who was urgently paged to be informed  that his mother had increasingly high blood pressure and disturbing symptoms, facilitated Dr. Pankaj during his travels in Italy. It was noted that her blood pressure was at life-threatening levels of 205/115 for the systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

Therapy by Dr. Pankaj in Italy

Dr. Pankaj asked the patient to lie down and started working on her to help cure her by reducing her blood pressure. He utilized secret medical treatment popular in India and known as Marma Siddhi and used that over a period of 10 minutes to bring down her blood pressure by repeating certain art forms to help her.

The patient was consistently managed and had her blood pressure monitored for a few days to ensure it was not a quick fix and onetime cure. She’s kept good levels of blood pressure and has maintained  good health over a period of time.

Dr. Pankaj Touring Italy for Treatments

During his trip to Italy, he is known to have worked on the pulse of over 100 people and there were more than 30 people on the waiting list in Rome alone. These people had traveled far and wide from different countries in Europe to have this experience and get cured by Dr. Pankaj while he’s in Italy.

After Italy Dr. Pankaj Naram moved on to France and used the coveted Marma art from India to cure many chronic health issues faced by different Europeans.

Diseases Treated by Dr Pankaj Naram

By utilizing the marma siddhi medical knowledge from India, he has managed to cure people suffering from diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure along with depression and anxiety and deep-seated phobias. He has worked with people who are suffering from skin diseases, eczema, back pain as well as infertility and ulcerated colitis to give them relief from the health issues.

Medical history of  Dr. Pankaj Naram

This highly qualified and experienced Ayurvedic doctor has over twenty-three years of experience in treating different chronic ailments. He was an understudy and apprentice of a 115-year old monk from Tibet who was called Guru Ramdas. He was very learned in the discerning art of reading the pulse to determine what kind of chronic ailment a patient was suffering from.

The highly esteemed Dr. Pankaj runs his own Ayushakti Ayurved Health Centre in India and has won many awards for his humanitarian efforts. He is very well known for his use of Marma Chikitsa and diagnosing patient’s diseases by utilizing the pulse.

History of Ayurveda

This timeless and effective science of Ayurveda started from Jeevaka, who was the personal physician of Buddha. This science has a 12,000- year-old history and the lineage of transferring its knowledge is still unbroken.

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