Famous Italian People

Looking for a list of famous Italian people? While our list isn’t exhaustive we’ve put together brief information on some of the most famous Italian people who have led extraordinary lives through the ages.

There is much more to Italy than its incredible football team and out of this world cuisine. In fact when you take a look at the Italian personalities that have made it famous on a global scale you realize how much true talent the country has been breeding. Italy has an exhaustive list of famous people who have excelled in all fields imaginable by man. From the powerful family of Medici to the powerful vocals of Pavarotti you will be able to find it all emerging from the soil of this great country.

Amongst the famous people of Italy is Marco Polo. A 13th century trader, whose biggest accomplishment was that he was the first one from Europe to visit China. During his visit he also had the chance to meet the grandson of Genghis Khan; Kublai khan. Many have made it big by the pen and pencil when it comes to Italy.

Dante whose real name was Durante degli Alighieri is one of the most highly regarded poets of his time. He was based in Florence and lived from 1265 to 1321. The Divine comedy is one of his most well renowned works. One particular part of the comedy “Inferno” has gained the most popularity. His work is considered as the greatest literary produce of the medieval period.

The name Donatello belongs to one of the most famous people to rise out of Italy. This fourteenth century sculptor and artist of Florence was unparalleled during his lifetime and his work still stands as an authority over his master craftsmanship.

Leone Battista Alberti is another famous Italian person known for a lot of things including his works on philosophy, poetry, cryptography, music and architecture. His claim to fame however comes from the fact that he made the first study of scientific perspective.

Italy is home to some of the world’s most well renowned artists of all time. Amongst then is the name of Allesandro di Mariano Filipepi who is better known to the world as Botticelli. The birth of Venus is one of the Florentine painter’s most valued works. He belonged to the Early Renaissance era.

Of course everybody has heard of Christopher Columbus. The sailor who’s discovery of America in 1492 led to the colonization of the region.

Amongst the different artists that Italy has produced there is no one that comes close to the creative genius of Leonardo da Vinci. He was a lot more than just an artist, he was a musician, architect, anatomist, engineer, inventor, geometer and sculptor. Heard of the Mona Lisa? Guess who made it?

Another famous Italian person is Michelangelo. He is regarded as one of the greatest painters and poets of his era. His most famous works include the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and the dome of St. Peter’s Bascilla in Rome.

Raphael was another master painter and architect who originated from Italy in the between the 15th and 16th century. His painting skills were extraordinary which can be seen in his most well renowned works like the Madonna and Child.

The actual list of famous Italian people requires a book by itself. Galileo the incredible scientist, Vibaldi the baroque music composer, Puccini the operatic composer and Mussolini the political leader are other names of famous Italian people.


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