Italian Brand Names

What good have the Italians ever done? Well, quite a lot actually! Whether it be cars, motorbikes, fashion or food, our guide to Italian brand names gives you the success stories from every industry.

Italy is the country that took home the most recent Fifa world cup championship trophy by ousting France in the final. There are many other great things about Italy apart from its world class soccer team. The leaning tower of Pisa, the Italian greyhound and the world famous Pizza are all from this land. Italy is a very well developed country and over the years it has produced world class brands in almost all categories of production that exist. This has earned the country lots of income as well as respect and honor in the world at large. Some of the biggest names that we commonly hear have their origins from Italy.

Italian Car Brand Names

When it comes to the automobile industry Italy is home to some of the most credible names in the business. The legendry speed and style machines from Ferrari started functioning as an Italian company. Over the years the company has established production centers in the major countries of the world and is held in high esteem by super premium car lovers. Another road racer manufacturer from Italy is Lamborghini which is a direct rival to its native competitor Ferrari. Other respectable automobile companies from Italy that have managed to make it big on a world wide scale are Fiat and Bugatti.

Italian Motorcycle Brand Names

Italy has also made a name for itself in the motorcycle industry which is a branch of the automobile industry. The brand known as the Vespa which has gained world wide acclaim as one of the most cost effective and reliable motorcycles to originate from Italy. Aprilia and Ducati are other Italian brand names for motorcycle producers.

Italian Fashion Brand Names

Another industry in which Italian brands have come to the forefront is the fashion industry. Armani, Gucci and Prada are some of the most famous names that have had a huge impact on the world wide fashion scene. Another brand that has recently started to cause ripples in the world of fashion is Dolce & Gabanna.

Italian Food Brand Names

Since the improvement in means of mass communication people all around the world have been exposed to the fine cuisine of Italy. As a result the frozen food industry of Italy has also picked up. Rosina Food Products are manufacturers of Italian specialty products. Zinetti Foods is another famous frozen pasta and Italian entrees producer. Daniele Prosciutto Inc works in preparing gourmet meat such as prosciutto, pancetta, salame and other products of the like. Isernio’s is a brand of sausages and other quick Italian entrees. Another company that is well heard off is Pastene. They specialize in importing Italian pasta, olive oil, tomato products, sauces, cheeses and vinegar etc. Dell’ALpe Italian Foods is also a company of the like.

We’ve all enjoyed the delicious chocolate spread called Nutella which originates from Italy as well. A formidable name in the home furnishing industry is that of Alessi. These are but a few of the many Italian brand names that are operating on local and international level from Italy.

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