Italian Cars

Italy has got a great cuisine that’s for sure but the country is also home to some of the world’s fastest, meanest, durable and most good looking cars. Read more about the Italian cars that have made a mark on the world automotive market.

Amongst the various things that have brought the country of Italy fame and fortune are the different cars that have originated from the region. Italy is home to some of the finest automobiles the world has ever seen. The car manufacturers are known for their robust engineering coupled with out of the box style when it comes to cars. You will be able to find it all from super sports cars to utility vehicles in Italy. Today a large number of Italian car manufacturers enjoy world wide success and have established themselves as some of the most well renowned names in the business.

Amongst the various cars that have managed to make it big outside Italy is the Fiat Panda. Although the car is not known for its performance because that aspect of the car is nothing extraordinary there is however something about the Fiat Panda that made it an instant success in the European market. Basically it’s a simple and very durable car that promises good mileage and low maintenance. Recently Fiat has released a jazzed up version of the Fiat Panda to cash in on its commercial viability.
The Maserati Bora is another automobile originating from Italy. This particular model is considered to be the Italian company’s best creation ever released into the market. It is known for its high speed and stability along with an out of the box design that does wonders to the cars value. Although the car has aged since its release in the 80’s it is still considered to be one of Italy’s top cars.

 Italian Super Cars

Of course we can’t miss out the Ferrari 308 GTB/GTS. Although this particular model of Ferrari is not as heavily loaded in terms of true engine power as you would find other models to be. The thing that made this car popular was its affordability. Owning a Ferrari is a great privilege for most people and with this model that has all the looks and the trade mark engine hum of the Ferrari the company gave more people in the public the chance to be able to afford it. Another mid engine coupe that managed to make it big in and outside Italy is the Lancia Stratos. Known as a race winner and an easy car to maneuver through the streets the Lancia Stratos enjoys great commercial success.

Amongst the most well renowned Italian cars is the poor man’s Ferrari also known as the Alfa Romeo Spider. The car got instant success with its good looks and drivability being offered at such a competitive price. Lamborghini Murcielago is another super famous ride from the Italian lands. This one is a four wheel drive version set to take on the poor quality roads as well. The Ferrari 250 GTO is another one of Italy’s prized possessions. It has amazingly gorgeous looks that are complimented with an equally good performance to make it the perfect dream super car that it is. The Ferrari Enzo, the Lamborghini Countach and the Fiat 500 also known as the people’s car are the names of other Italian cars that have managed to make a mark in the automobile world.

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