Resistencia – Argentina

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Resistencia, the “City of Sculptures”, is a city in northern Argentina, the capital of the Chaco Province. It is located on a tributary of the Paraná River and is a major crossroads for Paraguay. Not a major tourist hub a brief stop in the city does offer a few tourist attractions.

Resistencia is in truth a commercial and transportation centre for the northwest frontier region. The city is one of Argentina’s major manufacturers of processed food, textiles, refined metal as well as wood and leather products.

Things to do in Resistencia

As mentioned the city does not have many tourist attractions, that is unless you are a sculpture fanatic. There are over 300 of them spread around the city representing a number of styles from figurative to abstract to religious. The tourist office (Sante Fe 178) provides a map showing all their locations. Interestingly the city has a tax promotion which frees anyone who places a sculpture in a visible place in front of his house from taxes for one year.

Getting to Resistencia

The bus station is located at Av MacLean and Islas Malvinas. To get between Resistenica and Corrientes is very easy using the shuttle service marked ‘Chaco-Corrientes’. From the bus station several companies go to the major cities such as Santa Fe, Rosario and Buenos Aires.

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