Ford Excursion 4×4 Diesel For Sale Southern California

Looking for a 05 Excursion 4×4 Diesel for Sale in Southern California? Learn more about the excursion 2005 4×4 diesel for sale in Southern California…

When you’re purchasing a vehicle on the second hand car market, it is a good idea to know about the basic manufacturer’s criteria for the vehicle. This will allow you to inspect the vehicle and see its current condition when you’re purchasing it. The 2005 Ford excursion 4×4 diesel for sale in Southern California has a heavy-duty pickup truck style vehicle that is exceptionally popular. The excursion is considered a full-sized sports utility vehicle and was manufactured by the Ford Motor Company during 2000 and 2005. The 2005 4×4 diesel engine is the largest SUV in its lineup.

Its main competition is the Chevrolet Suburban. It was classified as a heavy-duty vehicle best for rural and commercial use. This means the vehicle falls outside of the fuel economy regulations known as the industrial standard ‘Corporate Average Fuel Economy’ or CAFE.

Along with this the United States fuel economy estimates stated by the EPA are also not applicable on the SUV. By 2007 the extended length expedition replaced the 2005 excursion. This is the main reason why the 2005 4 x 4 diesel Ford excursion is up for sale in the secondhand market.

Overview Of The 4×4 Ford Excursion

The main disadvantage of the Ford excursion 4×4 diesel truckis the sheer size of this vehicle. This SUV was promoted as a family car, but it was too large to fit into most household garages. It also performed poorly in terms of fuel economy, getting just 12-14 mpg on the highway and eight to ten miles per gallon in the city. It was actually awarded the “Exxon Valdez” award by the Sierra Club and linked with the ill-fated oil tanker due to its inefficient fuel consumption. However, initially the sales of the SUV had been exceptionally good. However, because of the rising gasoline prices the vehicle is being dumped and replaced for more fuel-efficient SUVs.

2005 Ford Excursion Fact File

The drive train means it can be utilized as an excellent emergency vehicle. The engine options provided are the 7.3 diesel, which is the power stroke engine.
In the 2005 version you can see a more powerful power stroke diesel engine, which is a 6.0 liter. It has a standard five speed automatic transmission. . The rear axle is a Ford 10.50 and it has a NV273 transfer case. The diesel engine for 2005 version was a V10 or V8, 6.0 liter with 325 HP and 310 HP respectively. It comes equipped with a unique ‘Blocker Beam’. This is a roll bar device that prevents small cars from sliding under this large SUV during collisions. This state-of-the-art under bumper concept is now utilized widely in the SUV industry.

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