Italian Chef Knives

Can you imagine a soldier without gun, a student without a pen or a chef without a knife? It simply isn’t possible. An Italian chef takes great pains in choosing his knives carefully. After all, most of his time is spent in cutting, chopping and sl

Italian made chef knives are well liked not only in Italy but all over Europe. They are manufactured using the best materials and techniques and are well priced as well. Read on to find out more…

Materials & Techniques

Italian chef knives are a real treat to have. They make your work so much lighter and so fun. Their thinly ground edge involving latest techniques is the secret. The thin edge helps in cutting and chopping food easily and for longer periods of time. The blades of these knives have been made of Molybdenum-vanadium stainless steel. This gives them extra strength and durability. Their handles are mostly dish-washer safe.

Different Kinds of Chef’s Knives

Italian chef knives come in various sizes and shapes and perform entirely different functions, depending on their shapes. They can be bought as a set, which is going to cost you less as compared to buying individual pieces, but you can always buy single pieces from time to time and complete your collection. Here are some of the most important chef’s knives:

• Larger Professional Chef’s Knife: It is the largest of all knives, measuring about 15 ½ inches from one end to the other and having a blade of 10 inches. It is used for heavy duty cutting in professional kitchens.
• Ham Slicer: As its name suggests, it is used for slicing ham. It is usually 14 ½ inches long and is very easy to differentiate as it has rounded blade in stead of the usual pointed ones.
• Bread Knife: Bread knife has an eight inches blade. It has a saw like blade which helps in cutting the bread more smoothly.
• Smaller Professional Chef’s Knife: The smaller chef’s knife has a blade measuring eight inches. It is suitable for home cutting jobs as well.
• Chef’s Knife: This chef’s knife of six inches blade is ideal for home chefs.
• Boning Knife: It has a six inches blade and is typically used for removing bones from meat and fish. Its blade is slightly thinner than the six inches chef’s knife.
• Paring Knife (larger): It has a four inches blade and is used to peel and remove skin from the vegetables.
• Paring Knife (smaller): It has a small blade of 2 ½ inches. It is mostly used for cutting decorative items from vegetables used for garnishing the dishes.

Care of Chef’s Knives

Proper care of your chef’s knives will ensure a longer satisfactory period. It is recommended to avoid placing knives in dish washers and in water for long as it is going to dull their edges. There are many kinds of knife sharpeners available in the market to sharpen your knives once their edges become dull. The Italian chef’s knives cost you a lot less as compared to other knives and they last for longer periods of time. Go ahead; equip your self with proper knives.

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