Italian Fast Food

The fast pace lifestyle of today requires fast food. Ever wonder what kind of fast food they have in Italy? Read on to find out about the fast food trend in the country that brought the world fast food items like the pizza.

Have you ever wondered what kind of fast food they have in Italy? Of course we have all heard of Italian cuisine being rich and diverse but what about the food on the go? Well, the Italians have a host of fast food items and joints that serve the best of Italian fast food. Think fast food and the name McDonald’s is sure to pop up in your mind. Yes there is McDonald’s in Italy but it is pretty much overwhelmed by the numerous local fast food joints serving delicious Italian fast food.

Why wouldn’t Italy have its own fast food joints? After all the Italian cuisine uses pasta in almost all its food and many pasta based dishes are served as fast food in Italy. Apart from the fast food joints you even have vendor machines where you can get pasta by inserting a coin. There is a particular type of sandwich that you can get through these vending machines known as “tramezzini”. Strange as it may sound these vending machines are situated on almost all the train stations of Italy. And you thought fast food in Italy was all about McDonald’s and Burger King.

Pizza & Panini

Italy is the country that is credited for producing pizza. Although pizza was initially considered to be a poor man’s meal made out of leftovers that were placed on bread it has now become one of the most popular fast food items. Naples in Italy is the particular region that is famous for popularizing pizza. Today however loads of fast food joints specializing in preparing different varieties of pizzas are situated all over the country. Amongst the leading local fast food joint is Spizzico that is known for its amazing variety of pizza. The ChefExpress is also another popular name which has outlets on train stations. This fast food joint specializes in the production of sandwiches known as panini.

Italian Pastries

A common feature on the Italian streets is that of bars. And almost all these bars sell pastries and coffee during the wee hours of the morning and throughout the day as well. This is the ideal Italian fast food which is quite contrary to the McDonalds culture because most of the fast food joints in Italy are privately owned business rather than chain stores. The winter season has its own breed of fast food items which are sold on the streets by vendors. Roasted chestnuts known as castagne are a common winter fast food item.

There are certain fast food joints that have peculiar places where they are likely to be found. Like the sandwich vendors in the train stations you have restaurants like Pastarito and Pizzarito which have their own strategic positioning in the city. As the name suggests these joints specialize in the production of pasta and pizza. Another local fast food joint is AutoGrill found on rest stops on the autostrada. But it isn’t uncommon to find this joint in the city center. Hence we find that the Italian cuisine has its own special breed of fast food items that are readily available throughout the country.

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