Italian First Names

Looking for an Italian first name for your new born? Want to know what some of the most common Italian first names are and what they mean? Whether it’s for a boy or girl, our guide gives you the information you want to know.

Out of all the great things that the Country of the Leaning Tower of Pisa is known for the Italian first name phenomenon seems to be taking notice all over the globe. Nobody can deny the importance that a name has in an individual’s life. It forms a part of his identity as that is the call he responds to. A first name is what distinguishes us from others. At times people may even form a conception based on what your name is. This may not always work in your favor. When it comes to Italian names we find them to have a certain melodic rhythm to them. They spell unique and they sound unique and sometimes they have the most unassuming meanings as well.

Christian First Names in Italy

First names are broadly referred to as Christian names in Italy just like in other Christian communities. A first name is also known as the given name because it is the title chosen for a new born by his parents. The first name becomes sort of a first gift for the child that lasts with the baby till his death. Even after death it is the name of the individual by which his memories are recalled. Although the first names are known as Christian names in Italy it is not necessary that they are equivalent to the Christian names found in other countries. The difference is caused due to the varying languages and spellings.

Linguistic Origins

The church has played a major role in giving the Italians their first names. It was noted that people were widely encouraged to use the names of biblical characters and other Saints for their children. This was done so as to keep the sanctity of religion alive in the masses. The source book for these names was the New Testament. The turn of the 18th century saw the Christians making use of first names from the Old Testament as well. The original languages which have had an influence on Italian first names are Latin, Hebrew and Greek.

Zanebono meaning “the good one” is amongst the popular Italian first names that seemed to have been influenced by biblical teachings. Zanipolo is also another common Italian first name for a boy that means “little gift of God”. All those names that are either directly borrowed from the saints or the ones that seem to have a morally sound meaning seem to derive their roots from the ethical teachings of Christianity. In recent times however Italian first names are increasingly being used by people of non Italian origin. You don’t even need to be of Christian origin to keep one of these names because a name that has a good meaning can be kept by a person of any religion.

First Names For Girls

The trend of keeping Italian first names seems to be picking up especially with the female sex. This is because the Italian names for girls tend to have a very sweet sound to them and makes the woman seem precious. Aldabella is one of the common Italian first names means “beautiful. Another valued Italian first name for girls is Cameo meaning “an engraved gem”.

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