Lakewood California Homes For Sale Real Estate

Want to invest in Lakewood, California real estate? Read our guide for facts and info on homes for sale in Lakewood, California…

Lakewood is a city in Los Angeles County in the state of California, United States. According to the 2000 census, the population of this city is around 790,000. Long Beach borders the city in south and west, while on the north and northeast are Bellflower and Cerritos. The east is covered with cypress and southeast by the Hawaiian Gardens. Investment in Lakewood, California homes for sale real estate is a good idea, especially due to the history of World War II.

Lakewood, to say the least, is very active. As of 2000 the city has a total population of over 793,000, with over 26,500 households. The city is located in the southern area of Los Angele,s and the total area is about 9.5 square miles. For the convenience of the residents there are countless parks, two major libraries the John Stanford Todd community center and the Weingart Senior center. Graffiti is a slight problem, however harmless, but there are numerous graffiti removers available by the government at all times. Going for Lakewood, California homes for sale real estate is a good choice for both residents and non-residents. The residents can change their house or location according to their will, and new residents are always welcome in Lakewood.

Investment in Lakewood, California homes for sale real estate demands a well thought out plan and a complete survey. There are many localities that provide real estate at higher prices due to the significance of the locality. Depending on your budget, there are various locations that may suit you best.

People with families prefer to go for a 3-4 bedroom house at an affordable price in a safe neighborhood. A three bedroom house of approximately 2500 square feet can easily be availed for around $650,000 in the Country Club Drive area. Wrench Court is also a good and safe neighborhood ideal for families and is quite economical. A four bedroom house can easily be acquired for around $699,000. Bouton Drive is a locality that is priced slightly higher yet reasonably, and a 4-5 bedroom house can be available in around $738,000. Dagwood Avenue and 209th Street are two other affordable areas in Lakewood. Depending upon your requirements you can easily find reasonable Lakewood, California homes for sale real estate to invest in.

Some people like to live it up with mansions and homes in posh areas. The Carfax Avenue in Lakewood is a considerably posh area with houses of 4-5 bedrooms available for around $825,000. Andy Street and 215th Street in Lakewood are two of the good and expensive areas. However, to make large investments in Lakewood, California homes for sale real estate,  Carson Street is an area where houses are available in the ranges of $999,999 to $1,200,000. The Ibbetson is a place in Lakewood where prices are sky rocketing with a five bedroom house available for over $1,475,000.

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