Italian Garden Pasta Salad Recipes

Looking for an interesting salad? Take a look at the easy to make but scrumptiously delicious Italian garden pasta salad. Our guide gives you the information and directions on ingredients and preparations instructions.

The Italian sense of garden designing is one of the most distinctive and spectacular compositions of garden space that you will ever see. The geometrically designed path ways and symmetrical arrangements are things that characterize the Italian garden along with the many different kinds of Mediterranean shrubs. Italy is also famous for its wonderful cuisine. One of the things that you will find in Italy is that there is almost no food without pasta. So what are we getting at with Italian gardens and pasta? The Italians have developed a special treat to feast upon in the Italian garden known as the Italian garden pasta salad.

The Italian Garden pasta salad is one of the zestiest pasta treats that you will be able to feast on. You don’t however have to be in Italy in order to enjoy the Italian garden pasta salad because you can make it in your home. You can even transform your backyard or front lawn into an Italian style garden so as to get the complete Italian feel in your life. The garden pasta salad is a delicious recipe that has a lot of crunchy vegetables and turns out to be a very healthy and refreshing salad.

The ingredients

So what actually constitutes a typical Italian garden pasta salad? To start off you will need to get yourself some packaged uncooked tri-color spiral pasta. The quantity of all the ingredients will depend upon the size of the serving that you want. Then you will need to get some carrots and cut them into real thin slices. You will also need to chop up some stalks of celery, green bell pepper and cucumbers. Add to that some large diced tomatoes and a chopped up onion. Then you will need the secret ingredient which is the Italian style salad dressing. The last and final ingredient in your Italian garden pasta salad will be parmesan cheese.

The directions

So what do you need to do with all these ingredients? You will have to start off with the pasta which you will place in a pot of boiling water and cook until al dente. After this you will rinse the pasta under cold water and drain it out. The next step is to mix all the chopped up vegetables in one large bowl. Once that is accomplished you will be required to mix the pasta with the vegetables and stir it up in the same bowl. Once you have the mix ready load it up with the Italian style salad dressing and add the parmesan cheese to it. Once all the ingredients are in the bowl mix them thoroughly and you have your Italian garden pasta salad ready. But before you indulge in it or serve it to your guests you should let it chill in the refrigerator for about one hour so as to give it that coolness that makes it extremely refreshing. The Italian garden pasta salad is easy to make and it takes very little time to make but is always a good treat to indulge in especially in your Italian garden.

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