Italian Garden Ponds

Looking to spice up your garden? Find out just how you can do that by incorporating an Italian garden pond into the garden. Our guide gives you useful hints, tips and ideas on how to make your very own Italian garden pond.

With their geometrical designs and symmetrical arrangement of plants Italian gardens are one of kind. The tradition that has been handed down through the centuries is now becoming a worldwide fad. The trend was popularized by the European monasteries and convents which are also credited with collecting and classifying much of the Mediterranean plants that are used in a typical Italian garden. Amongst the things that give the Italian garden a distinctive look is the Italian garden pond. A true Italian garden will always feature a water body because this is the old school tradition of Italian style gardening.

Most people would love to have a pond in their garden but the high cost of maintaining a water body puts people off the idea. Maintenance of the water is one thing, if you add to that some fish or plants you will have to take good care of them as well. But if you are serious about spicing up your garden then a pond can do wonders for your garden’s appearance. You will have to put in some time and money to build yourselves an Italian garden pond but in the end your investment will not be wasted.

The wonders of the pond

An Italian garden pond changes the appearance of the place from a mere garden to a beautifully designed landscape. We have all seen garden ponds in our lives so what is so different about Italian garden ponds. One thing that sets Italian garden ponds apart from the ones we normally see is their shape. As it is the Italian sense of garden designing uses geometrical shapes and symmetrical arrangements hence the Italian garden pond too is of a geometrical shape rather than the organic ones we usually see in gardens. A long rectangular shaped pond is characteristic of old school Italian gardens. You can however alter the size to suite your own surroundings.

The Italian garden pond serves a number of purposes. The first and foremost of these is the beautification of your garden. For this purpose the Italian garden pond stands unparalleled. The other purpose is to have a full fledged living environment for fish and plants and even the birds that visit the pond every so often. The Italian garden pond is well apt to occupy the centre space of your garden and hence become the centre of attraction. On the contrary it can be a side feature that compliments the whole garden space in general.

Adding a bench close to your Italian garden pond is also a good idea as it will give you and your guests a chance to set and marvel at it. The Italian garden pond would be incomplete without the addition of some floating algae and water plants that give the pond its look and feel. Many times you will also find an Italian garden pond surrounded by plants that are arranged in a systematic order in order to retain the feel of the garden at large.  There is plenty of room for personalization in the Italian garden pond and you can have one that suits your sense of aesthetics.

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