Things to do in Barcelona

Are you going on holiday to Barcelona in Spain? Do you want to know what there is to see and do in Barcelona in Spain? Our guide to Barcelona gives you the information you’ll want to know

The Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona is one of the main football stadiums in Spain with a seating capacity of over 100,000. Next to Barcelona FC’s stadium is the Barcelona FC museum which is dedicated to this top club in Spain and receives visitors to Barcelona from all over the world. Inside the museum visitors can see photographs and video exhibitions of the greatest games in the history of Barcelona FC and football in Spain, as well as a life size replica of the team’s changing room.

Roman ruins in Barcelona in Spain

Visitors to Barcelona in Spain who are interested in the history of the city of Barcelona may be interested in paying a visit to the city’s roman walls. These walls were built in the 3rd & 4th century when the Romans ruled much of Spain. These walls were the outer limits of Barcelona and were meant to protect it from invading tribes who inhabited other parts of Spain.

Church of the Sacred Heart in Barcelona in Spain

Although there are many churches in Barcelona and Spain, the Church of the Sacred Heart is unique.  This church in Barcelona is actually two separate churches with one built directly on top of the other. Aside from admiring this piece of Barcelona’s historic architecture one can take a lift to the roof of the church from where a fantastic view of Barcelona can be seen below.

La Rambla in Barcelona in Spain

La Rambla is one of the main centres of activity in Barcelona. This is the place where many tourists to Barcelona come to enjoy a hearty Spanish meal or a coffee at one of the many restaurants and cafes in this part of Barcelona. some of the best places for shopping in Barcelona are only a stone’s throw away from La Rambla.

The Wax Museum in Barcelona

Barcelons has an abundance of interesting museums to cater for the interests of all visitors.The wax museum in Barcelona is Spain’s answer to Madame Tussaud’s in London. Visitors to Barcelona can get to have their pictures taken along the world’s most famous sports personalities, musicians and statesmen all for the admission ticket price of 6.75 Euros.

The Opera House in Barcelona in Spain

The Opera House in Barcelona is on of the biggest in Spain and is still used for regular performances. Ticket information can be obtained from the foyer of a local tourist office in Barcelona. This opera house in Barcelona is offers guided tours in English for the public. Even visitors who are not opera enthusiasts will admire the architecture of this building in Barcelona as well as the impressive acoustics.

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