Royal Canadian Legion

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The Royal Canadian Legion refers to an organization that brings together former Canadian servicemen from the police, military and mounted police. The current members number more than 400,000 throughout the world. They comprise veterans who have served in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Canadian military, Canadian municipal and provincial police, their families and relatives.

As a non-profit organization, the Royal Canadian Legion was incorporated in 1926 by the Canadian Parliament. The word ‘Royal’ was affixed to the Canadian Legion’s name in 1962 by virtue of permission from Queen Elizabeth II who is the reigning monarch of Canada. Her Majesty the Queen is the royal patron of the Legion and serves as the head of state of Canada.

The Royal Canadian Legion hall was the focal point of activity in many towns over the years. From 1962, the Canadian Legion has run summer camps to train school going athletes at the International Peace Garden. Nearly 12 different types of sporting events are offered for training over a six week period. More than 35,000 children have benefited from the sporting programs offered by the Royal Canadian Legion.

Different Commands Of The Royal Canadian Legion

The Ontario Provincial Command of the Royal Canadian Legion boasts more than 400 branches spread over 9 districts in the province of Ontario, Canada. Its membership total roughly 160,000 persons and the Ontario Command is the largest. The main function of the Ontario Command is to remember the fallen heroes of the Canadian Legion especially those who gave their lives to defend Queen and country. The organization also serves veterans of the Canadian Forces and their families.

The Nova Scotia Command of the Royal Canadian Legion is head quartered in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Their newsletter is called ‘The Torch’ and online copies are available to be read on the Command’s website. Copies of various Legion manuals are available at the head quarters and these include the general by-laws of the Royal Canadian Legion and the Nova Scotia or Nunavut Command By-Laws.

The Royal Canadian Legion is a non-profit organization that represents mainly the veterans of the Canadian Forces from both the military and police backgrounds. There are various Commands of the Legion for different Canadian provinces.


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