Italian Gold Necklaces

The pride and joy of a woman is a wonderful necklace around her neck. What could be a better choice than to present the love of your life with an exquisite Italian gold necklace? Find out about prices and designs in our information guide.

Italian gold necklaces offer a vast range to choose from. There are many designs and styles to match your mood and your personality. They are:

Omega: Omega necklaces can be flat or dome shaped. Although they look like a single round shaped piece of gold, they actually have a lot of links. The well made omega necklace won’t show these links. The prices of Omega necklaces of 16’’ 14 carat gold roughly start from $500.

Byzantine: They are usually a cluster of interlinked chains. A Byzantine necklace of 16’’of 14 k can roughly be of $1000.

Rolo Necklace, Fancy braided, Mesh Rope and Cage Mesh are variations of chained necklaces.

Apart from these, there are several other kinds as well. You can simply get lost in the huge world of Italian Necklaces. After all, they are: “pretty to look at and a joy to wear”.

Italian Gold Necklaces

It has been centuries since women started using the precious metal of gold to adorn themselves. They have been using gold in the form of many jewelry items to beautify themselves further. These jewelry items include many different kinds of rings, bracelets, anklets, necklaces, bangles, earrings and many more items. This never ending list truly depicts the importance of gold jewelry in the lives of women. Necklaces however have an especially important place. By wearing them, a woman attracts attention to her face and neck. So, women are choosy about necklaces and Italian gold necklaces help them out considerably.

Italy, the gold heaven

Italy has a wonderfully majestic historic background. Italy has produced some well known masters in the fields of arts, music, science, geography, philosophy, architecture and many more. Italian Goldsmiths, following their heritage are the same. Their breathtakingly wonderful designs, superb craftsmanship and the fine quality of gold have wooed the world for a long time. In fact, Italy used to rule the world as the number one gold jewelry producer. Although, now it has been pushed down by other competitive countries, yet it offers un-matched quality and master craftsmanship.

The gold industry of Italy provides for more than 40,000 people and Italy processes and uses almost 500 tons of fine gold every year. Italy has various Goldsmith Designer Schools to educate the new generations in a combination of contemporary and traditional techniques and processes. Italy also hosts a large number of gold jewelry fairs to showcase its latest trends and fashions in gold.

Italian Gold

Pure gold is very difficult to work with as it is very soft. It keeps on breaking. This is why gold is nearly always used as an alloy. It means that gold is combined chemically with a metal base to strengthen it. Usually, copper is used to make gold alloy, but silver and other metals can also be used. The amount of gold content in the gold alloy is measured in carats, indicated as “k”. 24 k is used for the purest gold. In Italy, most gold products have 18 k and higher carats, but for necklaces a large variety of 14 k is also available, which enhances their strength.

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