Italian Greyhound Colors

Buying an Italian greyhound? Want to know what colors these dogs are available in? Whether, it’s black, white or blue, our guide to Italian greyhound colors gives you the facts & information…

The Italian greyhound is considered to be one of the most unique species of dogs around. This is because the physical appearance of this dog is quite unlike anything you have ever seen. It has a long and thin neck with a deep chest. This is accompanied with a set of long and muscular legs. The average Italian greyhound stands at 12-15 inches off the floor and weighs a measly 7-10 pounds at an average. It has a round head with rose shaped ears and a set of large and expressive eyes. It waves a long and thin tail when it’s happy. The coat of the Italian greyhound consists of small and thin hair and no matter which color it is it gives off a great shine.

The Italian greyhound has a very thin layer of skin and almost no body fat. This also makes the pup susceptible to injury from thorns in bushes etc. The short hair coat is also insufficient to provide the dog with adequate warmth for the winter season. This is why Italian greyhounds need to be dressed in proper winter gear in order to maintain their health. The Italian greyhound is available in a wide range of interesting colors each giving the dog a distinct look and personality. Specialists have tried to study the color combinations found in Italian greyhounds but have not come up with concrete results as yet.

Italian Greyhound Colored Coats

You will find the Italian greyhound breed comes in a combination of colors. No matter which color you go for the main color will be fused with white. The paws and parts of the legs plus the area around the nose is where it is most likely to find white. The number one color in these dogs is black. The coat of an Italian greyhound is known to give off a shine. This glossy finish is most prominent in the color black which makes it one of the most valued colors in the breed. However black gets dirty very quickly and the spots of dirt are quite visible so it will require the dog owner to keep up the cleaning.

Unusual Colors

One of the most unique colors in dogs is found in the Italian greyhound dogs. The blue Italian greyhound is strikingly different from other dogs that you will see. As it is the Italian greyhound is a very distinct dog and when you add to that the color blue it becomes an even more exquisite pet. Another unique color in the breed is red. Yes you can get the dog in superman colors but don’t expect the red and the blue to be as electrically vibrant as superman’s costume.

Common Italian Greyhound Colors

The Italian greyhound is available in almost all the shades of fawn. This is the most commonly found color that you will find the Italian greyhound in. A white Italian greyhound also looks very different because the white is infused into the white to give you a single tone colored dog which looks different from the other two colored Italian grey hounds. Cream and mouse are other colors that you will be able to find on the sleek and fine boned bodies of the Italian greyhounds.

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