Italian Greyhound Food

Want to know what food is best to give your Italian Greyhound? Perhaps you want to use a special diet to combat a disease your greyhound has? Read on for the facts & information…

Each breed of dogs has its own cuisine which is based on the nutritional requirements of its body. It is imperative to find out the desired food that should be served to any particular breed of dog in order to keep it healthy. The required set of nutrition is something that is inherited down the generations just like the coat and temperament of a particular breed of dog are. People often feed their dogs with whatever they feel like thinking it will be accepted by the dogs system. It may be that your dog does not throw up but he will not get his set of required nutrition just by eating any food. The delicate Italian greyhound is no exception in this case. In fact this dog requires extra special care when it comes to its diet.

Italian Greyhound Diet

Generally it is understood that the food should have the nutrient sources that the dog is used to eating in the native environment of the breeds ancestry. It is imperative to make sure that the food that is given to the Italian greyhound is easy for its digestive and glandular system to assimilate. The only way to do this is to make sure the food sources are not foreign to the system. The second most important thing to do is that which has to be done with all sorts of dieting and that is to maintain a balance. A just balance between the carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, fatty acids and minerals would be one that matches the Italian greyhound’s specific requirements.

Nutritional Deficiency

By educating yourself about the right staple diet for your Italian greyhound you will end up saving the money that you would other wise have to spend on trips to the vet. Italian greyhounds are prone to develop nutrition related problems if not fed properly. Lack of proper diet can result in different kinds of diseases like dry and itchy skin, hot spots, thyroid, and yeast infection in the ear, liver and kidney problems. To save the dog the trouble that it would have to go through with all these diseases it is important to find out the required dietary needs of your particular dog.

Making food for your Italian Greyhound

The best food for an Italian greyhound is that which is made freshly with the use of quality ingredients. One should avoid using dog foods with preservatives as they tend to have an adverse effect on the dog’s health in the long run. To keep it simple one should try and feed it with the kind of high quality food that one would like to be fed with. Just like a constant consumption of food with preservatives can have an adverse effect on our health in the same way it can be damaging to the Italian greyhound. Secondly preparing the dog’s food at home is much cheaper than buying the dog food from the store and it is not that time consuming as well. An hour or two of cooking per week will be sufficient to provide your Italian greyhound with his daily meals of full nutritional value.

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