Italian Home Garden

Can you imagine the joy when you get back home tired from work to sit and relax in your own Italian home garden? Read on for more information on how you could turn the dream of an Italian home garden into a reality.

Italians have a long history of gardens. They were simply in love with it even during roman times. Only the very rich or farmers could afford gardens at that time. But with the passage of time every one else who got a chance, also tried to make his/her own haven and this is what makes home gardens in Italy so popular.

Classic Gardens

Classic Italian gardens were quite famous for there elegance, symmetry and un-matched beauty. They always had evergreen plants and hedges. The hedges were trimmed artistically to form various remarkable intricate designs that gave those gardens a stunning look. Another quality was using plants at various levels. Well placed trees at higher levels between hedges provided nice focal points. The introduction of several water features like fountains and streams was considered essential.

Villa Style Gardens

Probably the best loved gardens were the villa style gardens. They were highly functional and delightfully beautiful. They were ideally built on hill side slopes and were made on different levels in the form of terraced gardens. They would include exquisite water features such as ponds, streams or fountains. Tall and short hedges would be used to divide the garden in various portions and each portion would have a landscape of its own. Beautiful stone steps would lead from one level to the other level of the garden. Marbled patios, orchards, flowerbeds, pergolas, well organized kitchen gardens were all some of the wonderful qualities of the villa style gardens.

Modern Home Gardens

Contemporary gardens however are quite different from traditional Italian home gardens. They involve growing regional plants in their natural conditions. The garden is allowed to grow naturally with out much interference but with proper care.

Italian Home Gardens

Italy has no specific style of garden; instead each region forms its own style. Apart from classic, contemporary and villa styles of gardens, many regional ones are also famous; like the Tuscan garden style. However, the Italian home gardens do not have a specific style. You can choose one for your garden and it need not cost you the world.
• You can choose to give your garden a classic look by the addition of a small pond or fountain and well kept hedges. Well placed flower beds and a patio; either having marble tiles or stone ones, is going to do the trick. Trimming plants to give them different forms and figures is also a fine choice.

• Your garden can look like a villa style garden if you choose to have small water features, introduce traditional stone statues, flowerbeds and well kept hedges. Italian gardens extensively use evergreens and the garden looks delightful with them through out the year.
• With the addition of grape wines over your garden walls, you can give your garden a country garden look. A fine kitchen garden with tomatoes and other useful vegetables and herbs is also going to enhance the look. For the informal country gardens, fencing can also be done.

Which ever style you may choose for your garden, make sure it provides you abundance of joy and relaxation, because “a thing of beauty is a joy forever”.

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