Italian Horn Tattoos

Need some good luck in the form of a tattoo? Try Italian horn tattoos. Our guide gives you the facts & information on the history, traditions and meanings associated with the ancient Italian Horns.

Italian horns have for long been regarded as warding away evils and for bringing good luck to the wearer. Italian horn charms are worn as amulets for the same purposes and have become a fashion accessory as well. Their popularity has risen considerably to an extent that now their images are being tattooed as well.

Italian Horns

Italian horns have a long history behind them. In Italy, before Christianity, the moon goddess was held as sacred and her horns were worn to come under her protection. These horns were made in silver, as silver being associated with the moon goddess was also considered to be sacred. Natural corals were also worn as horns as their shape closely resembles that of horns. After the advent of Christianity, the moon goddess was replaced by the images of the Virgin Mary standing on the lunar crescent, but the horns enjoyed the same position and have continued to do so.

Italian Horn Charms

Italian horns were worn as charms to ward away evils and to bring good luck. They were thought to have special powers in overcoming the effects of the evil eye, which was considered to harm the fertility and sexual powers of men and women, fruit bearing trees and harvest producing fields. Italian horn charms were traditionally made in silver and natural corals but with the passage of time other materials also found way. Gold, white gold, platinum and even diamonds; a large variety of materials is available. Italian horn charms are available in various shapes, sizes and forms as well. Apart from pendants, they are also available as earrings, brooches and charm bracelet accessories. Italian horns have become fashionable these days, but their wearer also indicates the importance of their own culture and tradition.

Italian Horn Tattoos

The rising popularity of Italian horns has opened new ways of expressing one’s traditions while making personal style statements. Italian horn tattoos are the new craze. Tattoos have a long history as well. In ancient times, they represented adult hood, fertility and social status. Nowadays, they express the wearer’s personality and his inclinations. Italian tattoos very distinctly show the Italian descent and its cultural influences.

Italian horn tattoos are available in several forms and shapes. There is an Italian horn tattoo with the Italian flag colours wrapped all around it. Italian horns with good luck messages and simple Italian horn images are also available choices.

A lot of tattoo artists are in the market these days so it’s important to choose the right one. It is necessary to research well for the best possible option before having the tattoo made. It is always recommended to have a small patch test especially if you are having the tattoo for the first time to see if you are allergic to the dyes or not. After having the tattoo, take proper care of it. It is advised not to have too much sun or water exposure for the first two weeks.

The prices of the Italian horn tattoos depend on the tattoo artists; the more famous they are, the more they charge. The prices also depend on the kinds of dyes and the process of tattooing itself. So, if you are proud of being a traditional Italian with a style of your own, who’s stopping you from getting an Italian horn tattoo?

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